How Hank Boone Is Making A Name For Himself In The Film Industry

In 2019, the worldwide box office made over $41 billion. Stateside, the domestic box office raked in roughly $11.36 billion, making 2019 the third highest-grossing year in history. As big name production companies like Disney, Pixar, and Marvel continue to generate an absurd amount of profits, the film industry has only become hard to enter as an outsider. Hollywood has become cutthroat for many as upcoming actors and producers struggle to make room for themselves in the overly competitive industry. One person that has been able to make his way into the industry is upcoming actor and film producer Hank Boone.

Hank Boone was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and spent most of his early life on the road because of his father’s job in the Army. Often being involved in school plays and extracurricular theatre activities in his community, his love for acting started from a young age. Hank worked on several plays growing up but it wasn’t until he got older that his appreciation for the occupation was kindled. His first play as an adult was a farcical comedy called Escanaba In Da Moonlight, written by known comedy actor Jeff Daniels. Hank played the part of Remnar. It was his first real shot and gave him the opportunity for forward his career.

Hank studied acting and theatre at the College of the Sequoias before currently studying both film and theater at Riverside City College. While acting on stage has always been a passion for Hank, it took a fluke for him to end up in film acting. He was invited by a good friend to a film mixer in Fresno and upon arriving at the event, the staff started handing out name tags. Everyone was asked to put their name and career on the tag. Hank knew that he didn’t want to have a blank one so he put “actor.” Little did Hank know that little decision would start an incredible and unexpected journey in film.

The event inspired Hank to pursue a career in film. Currently living in California, Hank has big plans while studying film in school. With two films being announced soon, Hank expects a big 2020.

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