Hannah breaks off engagement on 'Bachelorette' finale, gives runner-up a second chance

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The shocking conclusion of The Bachelorette aired Tuesday, but before we get to whether or not Hannah Brown got her happy ending, here's what went down during the two-hour finale.

On the way to the final rose ceremony, Hannah freaked out and made her car pull over on the side of the road, where she exited the car, started walking and then fell in her pretty white dress. After taking a moment, Hannah pulled herself together, got back into the car and was ready to give out her final rose in return for a diamond ring. Unfortunately, the rumors were true.

Hannah broke Tyler Cameron's heart, when he began his proposal speech and she cut him off to tell him she was in love with someone else – Jed Wyatt. The heartbreaking moment had heads shaking everywhere.

As for Jed, he sang a song, you know, because that's the real reason he was there to start off with, before he got down on one knee and proposed. Hannah said yes, gave him the final rose and the two were engaged.

Cut to a few weeks later, when People magazine published their article about Jed's alleged girlfriend back home, Haley Stevens, whom he reportedly said "I love you" to and slept with the night before he left to Los Angeles to film The Bachelorette. According to reports, Haley was in on Jed's plan to go on the ABC show to further his music career and had full intentions of coming home to her when his time on the show was over. These accounts were reiterated when Jed met up with Hannah for a very long and uncomfortable conversation.

"I don't know if he understands the depth of how much this hurts me. This last week has been the hardest week of me either screaming or crying or falling to my knees, like, not knowing what to do. I don't know how I feel about Jed at this point. I love the person I got engaged to. I don't know how I feel about this person," Hannah said before Jed met up with her. And when Hannah confronted him about what she read in the article, Jed refused to admit that he had a "girlfriend," and insisted that he was just hanging out with Haley.

Hannah also called Jed out for using The Bachelorette to further his music career, and he admitted that it was true. "In my mind, yeah. I was going there for a music thing. I told you that," Jed told Hannah, who responded, "And you probably kept reassuring her, it was a music thing, you don't have to worry. I know this is what happened. It's what happened." Jed told Hannah, "Yeah. I told her it was. Like, this was going to be a really good thing for music. Like, this is like it. Like, I just highly, highly doubt that this could actually ever be a relationship, that I could go in there and actually, like, like someone." However, Hannah explained that what Jed had told her before was far from the truth.

"When you said you were coming for music, I thought, ‘Oh, like, he doesn't know what this is about,’ not knowing it was, like, a conversation all the time with another girl that you were talking to. And it's like, that makes it totally different," said Hannah. Ultimately, Hannah decided to call off her engagement to Jed.

On Tuesday's live show, Hannah sat down with Chris Harrison and confirmed that she was no longer with Jed. In fact, Tuesday was the first time Hannah and Jed saw each other since calling off their engagement. Jed attempted to apologize. He also told Hannah he still loves her, but Hannah admitted that she's fallen out of love with Jed. "I'm not trying to punish you, but my feelings have changed and I think when that trust was broken, my feelings, really, just were broke with that. And I don't love you like that anymore," Hannah told Jed. Some audience members began to clap, but Hannah pushed back.

"It's not something to clap about. It's sad. I know you've hurt me, but I'm not trying to hurt you right now,” she said.

At the end of the finale, Harrison brought out fan favorite, Tyler, to a resounding cheer from the audience. All the women in the room were swooning, including Hannah, who admitted that she still has feelings for him. So, Hannah took her shot and asked Tyler out on a date.

"You're an incredible guy and I'm a single girl. So, you know, I don't know, I just thought maybe we could go for a drink and just hang out," Hannah blushed. Tyler laughed and said, "I would love to. Just tell me when, I'm there." Everyone was excited and supportive, including Harrison.

"I think I speak for everybody when – we can ship this," said Harrison.

The Bachelorette finale aired Tuesday, July 30 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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