Happiness is a Virtue Hard to Find Today


With Globalization, today the world is one single market place creating immense competition and pace. With everything going digital, we tend to spend more time on the phone than in person, our priorities have shifted leading to stress and unhappy moments.

What is really missing in our life?

Happiness !!!

At most times we forget what Happiness is. Most people tent to join happiness to Materialistic aspects. Attending an official conference over a close one’s birthday dinner or Driving your favourite car after a break-up could only cheer you up for hours. True Happiness lies within you and with the right attitude towards Happiness and Life, one needs to balance his personal and professional life.

Karan Behl realised that the gap between a person and his Success relied most on his attitude to handle situations and stay happy. To bridge this gap, he felt the need to create a space that would teach the essence of Happiness and how to procure it in your lives. He soon founded Happiitude.

When asked on the importance of Happiness, he said, “In the corporate world being stressed is fashionable. If one is not stressed or anxious people think that person has nothing significant to do in life. People find their comfort in generalization. If everyone is stressed and I am not, then there is something wrong with me”.

Researchers have found a direct connect to Stress and Relationships. When a person is stressed or unhappy they try to squeeze the happiness out of their partners so as to get on the same level. This behaviour leads to stress and discomfort in a relationship which later leads to arguments and breakups. The need for happiness coaches and therapists has increased in large numbers in modern day India.

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