Happy New Year 2020: Five DIY greeting card ideas for kids

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New Year 2020: Encourage kids to make greeting cards at home. (Source: Getty Images)

Happy New Year Card Craft for Kids: Instead of buying a ready-made New Year greeting card, why not encourage your kids to make one at home and explore their creative skills? Here some types of greeting cards your child will like to make:

Pop up greeting card

Ditch the ordinary handmade greeting card and help kids make a pop up card for New Year. Kids can choose a design for the pop up and make it by cutting shapes on paper. Kids can then paint on the card or paste decorative items to make it look attractive.

One stroke painting greeting card

This interesting painting technique involves double or multi-loading to create highlights, shadows and colour variations in one stroke. You have to dip the paint brush in two or more colours and paint to create the effect.

Magic greeting card

To create the magic card, show kids tutorials on how to make picture-changing cards or colour-changing slider cards.

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Quilling greeting card

If your child is fond of quilling (using colourful paper strips to create designs), encourage them to apply it in making a New Year greeting card. One can make flowers and other shapes out of quilling paper and paste them on a white paper card.

Embroidered greeting card

Kids who are comfortable with needles and know how to stitch can also try their hand at embroidered greeting cards.  They can draw a design on the card and stitch with colourful threads.