Happy Birthday Brie Larson: Actress Shows Most Savage Riposte to Deal with Trolls

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“Haters Gonna Hate,” is the motto birthday girl and American actress Brie Larson lives her life by.

Brie Larson is ringing her 31st birthday on October 1. Brie, who launched her Youtube Channel in July 2020, had had it and finally sent out a loud and clear message to all the haters out there. In August, Brie addressed the trolls with her caption in an uploaded video. She silenced the trolls stating that all the viewers who didn’t enjoy her video shouldn’t bother commenting.

Brie said in her fourth Youtube video, wherein she was seen working out, "Please like the video, if you liked it. If you didn't like it, keep your comments to yourself."

For no apparent good reason, since her channel debut on the popular streaming channel amidst the pandemic, she faced a considerable amount of backslash. In addition to a massive dip in views, the dislikes on her videos kept on increasing. The ‘first workout in quarantine’ got almost 15k dislikes.

Netizens were not soft even in the comments box as remarks such as, “Literally nothing of substance,” kept popping regularly. A YouTuber even said, “Okay this was a snooze fest– nothing it value was said no point we’re made there must talking in circles.”

After being on the receiving end of enormous amount of hate and criticizing comments, she finally gave back now to those trolls savage and how!

In the about space of her channel, Brie mentioned that she created the channel to connect with others and have some fun. She even wanted the viewers to catch up on an ‘asthmatic, introverted, potato chip-loving, gamer’ side of hers as she is described by her friends.

Brie is most remembered for her supporting work in comedies and lead roles in independent dramas in the most noted Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. Also a filmmaker, she is the recipient of Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Golden Globe, among other accolades.