Happy birthday, Emma Roberts! Here are her best performances

Shubham Dasgupta
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Happy birthday, Emma Roberts! Here are her best performances
Happy birthday, Emma Roberts! Here are her best performances

10 Feb 2021: Happy birthday, Emma Roberts! Here are her best performances

Emma Roberts is perhaps the safest choice for a Hollywood casting director if the project demands an easy-to-go person with serious acting chops.

The actress has made a name of her own, despite being born to actor Eric Roberts and getting the guidance of her Oscar-winning aunt Julia Roberts.

She turns 30 today, so let's celebrate by lauding some of her career-defining performances.

#1: 'American Horror Story'

American Horror Story, the FX series which is returning for its 10th season with Macaulay Culkin, had Emma as a part of the main cast for four seasons and a guest appearance in the fifth.

She played Madison Montgomery in season three, a role she reprised six seasons later.

She also portrayed Maggie Esmerelda and Serena Belinda in seasons four and seven, respectively.

#2: As Chanel Oberlin in 'Scream Queens'

Here comes another enjoyable satire series by showrunner Ryan Murphy, which Emma owned by playing the villainous Chanel Oberlin.

She really kicked the bad girl vibe up several notches in this slasher satire series, where she called her underlings as numerical versions of her name.

Then came In A Relationship, a 2018 film, where we see her shed the evil facade.

#3: 'Nerve' had one of Emma's most draining roles

Nerve, the 2016 techno-thriller film, breaks Emma's image as an actress supporting genre-bending scripts, successfully.

The film, co-starring Dave Franco and Juliette Lewis, delved into the mindset of youngsters bogged down by fishy and dangerous internet trends like Truth and Dare.

Her character takes on dangerous dares, as the game offers more money for higher risks.

Nerve got a People's Choice Awards nomination too.

#4: 'We're the Millers': The most humorous of her films

Last but the most humorous of Emma's films to date has been We're the Millers.

With an IMDb 7 rating, this comedy deals with a drug-dealer exploiting his weird neighbors to smuggle drugs across borders in exchange of a hefty payment.

She played Casey Mathis, an edgy teen runaway thief, and aced it.

Here's wishing the skilled youngster the best on her birthday!