Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi: Here's a Playlist of His Hit Tracks

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Singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi has entertained generations of rock music lovers. He has produced 15 studio albums from 1984 till 2020 with David Bryan, Alec John Such, Tico Torres, Richie Sambora, Phil X and Hugh McDonald, who became part of his Bon Jovi band. His latest album titled 2020 released in October last year. Bon Jovi has secured a Grammy for the band’s ninth album in 2005 and has also released two solo albums in the ‘90s. On his birthday, we take a look at five hit songs of the singer.

Runaway (1984)

It was this single that propelled Jon Bon Jovi to stardom. Originally recorded with musicians at his cousin’s studio, Power Station, the song, became a huge hit in 1983 after it was aired on a radio station. Bon Jovi wrote the song with George Karak in 1982 and it became the first single of the band’s debut album “Bon Jovi.”

Livin’ on a Prayer (1986)

Collaboration with Desmond Child, a professional songwriter proved to be a boon for the band as the third album, Slippery When Wet, shot straight to the top of Billboard 200 and stayed that way for two months. Livin’ on a Prayer became the band’s signature song and one that Jon Bon Jovi is best remembered for. It was written by Bon Jovi, Child and Richie Sambora.

Bad Machine (1988)

Shortly after the success of Slippery When Wet, the band Bon Jovi, began working on their fourth album titled New Jersey. Bad Machine, written by the same trio as mentioned above, became the third single that reached the peak of the charts in the US as well as many other nations.

Blaze of Glory (1990)

The title track is from Jon Bon Jovi’s solo debut album of the same name. He recorded the songs for the 1990 film Young Guns II, starring actor Emilio Estevez, his friend. Blaze of Glory topped the charts again and won Bon Jovi a Golden Globe.

It’s My Life (2000)

This lead single from Crush, the seventh album of the band Bon Jovi, received a Grammy Award nomination. The song, written by Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Max Martin became highly successful and was very well received by fans and critics.

Happy birthday to the rocking legend Bon Jovi.