Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson: He's way beyond a sparkling vampire

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Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson: He
Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson: He

13 May 2021: Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson: He's way beyond a sparkling vampire

It is a universal fact that Robert Pattinson entered the radar of every teenager and by extension, the whole world, through his portrayal of Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.

While the movies did not age well, Pattinson hardly deserves the "sparkling vampire" slander.

As the English actor turns 35 today, here are four movies out of countless gems that have proved his mettle.

Number 1: 'The Lighthouse': He's awfully raw in the Robert Eggers drama

When The Lighthouse dropped in 2019, not many understood the horror drama in their first watch.

Worry not, Pattinson, who plays Ephraim Winslow in the picture, had no idea what he was doing too!

In order to imbibe the pain of his character, he got director Robert Eggers to hose his face with water.

Given the flawless end-product, we are glad he did!

Number 2: 'Remember Me': He makes you emotionally invested easily

Released in 2010, Remember Me is one of the actor's first projects that gave him the opportunity to portray dark and serious characters.

Not many liked the ending of the tragic love story, but Pattinson's Tyler and his complicated relationships make the audience invest totally.

This showed a decade ago that DCEU fans need not worry about Pattinson leading a dark film (The Batman).

Number 3: Pattinson transcends all in 'The Devil All the Time'

Travelling to recent times, Pattinson was unbelievable in Antonio Campos's The Devil All the Time (2020).

Performing alongside the ranks of Bill Skarsgård, Tom Holland, Riley Keough, Jason Clarke, Sebastian Stan, Harry Melling, and Mia Wasikowska, the Good Time actor achieves a holy transcendence, despite playing a character so full of mirth.

The star's deliberate attempt at breaking his image deserves praise.

Number 4: 'Tenet': He breathed life into the latest Nolan offering

Christopher Nolan's latest tentpole Tenet had Pattinson leading the time-bending drama alongside John David Washington.

The espionage thriller was mounted on an ambitious scale, and had the Cosmopolis star breathe his role perfectly.

Although Nolan's fanbase was not fully satisfied with the offering, Tenet still became a huge hit in India.

Why don't you celebrate Pattinson's birthday by watching any of these A-class movies?

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