Happy Birthday Sunny Leone: Actress Remembers How She Celebrated Her Special Day While Growing Up In Canada, 'My Mother Once Baked Me A Barbie Cake' - EXCLUSIVE

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Sunny Leone who turned 40 on May 13, has vivid memories of celebrating her birthday in Canada with her parents. “My mother would always bake me a cake for my birthdays. For one of my birthdays she baked me a Barbie cake. That’s every girl’s dream. I remember my 13th birthday. All my school friends came for a party. I got a tape of music of my favourite music bands and other fun gifts. I had the most loving parents who showered me with love on my birthday. I missed them the most on my birthday. I think of them everyday.”

And the best gift she has received? “My husband Daniel brings me the gifts that I like. For one of my birthdays he had gifted me a diamond and emerald necklace which he got specially designed for me. I feel blessed to have a husband who heaps me with gifts.”

Sharing her recipe for a long-lasting marriage Sunny says, “Beyond being my husband and lover he is my best friend.We’ve seen the best of times and the worst of times together. I can consult him about anything, any problem. He is always there for me. I can lean on him for anything , no matter how silly.”

Going into a flashback of her courtship Sunny remembers, “We met in Las Vegas. He was based in New York . I didn’t think at that time that anything would come of our relationship because we lived in different cities. But Daniel doesn’t give up easily. He bombarded me with flowers chocolates and gifts all over the world wherever I happened to be.He would fly in from anywhere in the world to meet me.”

Sunny is happy to let Daniel take control of her life. “I believe I have been given that chance that every actor wants in life. My husband and I work together on every deal in what I want to do and what I don't. I make the final decision in my life and its probably me who wants things water-tight.”

With her husband around Sunny’s life is a stress-free zone.

Sighs Sunny, “Mr. Daniel Weber makes it possible for me to just be me without worrying about anything. He is the only person in this whole world who has my best interest at heart every second of the day and one of the huge reasons I am where I am today. “

Sunny sighs, “Very honestly it’s like a dream come true.I’ve been getting so much love from my fans all over the world. More than anything else, it’s their love that has made it all happen. It makes me extremely happy that people are interested in me. I work very hard and am extremely dedicated to my job.Contrary to what some people say or think I know my fans are there for me.” Sunny loves her life in as a Bollywood actress. “I love making movies and am happy that I have the opportunity. I think it's endearing that fans love me, which is why I probably drive my bodyguards and husbands nuts never saying no to a photo . I never imagined this life for myself and I am grateful for it.”

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