Happy Birthday Tabu: 5 Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About the Andhadhun Actress

Ananya Swaroop
·3-min read

There is no doubt that Tabu is a master of her craft. The actress, who turned 50 today, has given the industry many memorable characters that will be forever etched in everyone's heart. But while the actress might be taking up bold roles on the big screen, she has managed to always keep her personal life very private. While you might think that you know your favourite star in and out, let us tell you about some very interesting yet lesser-known facts about the star on her special day. Tabu Birthday Special: Irresistibly Chic, Smouldering Elegance Are the Salient Features of Her Fine Fashion Arsenal!

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Tabu Is a vegetarian!

While many have picked up the vegan trend very recently, Tabu has been practising it even before it was cool. The actress comes from a family of non-veg food lovers but that actress always prefered to remain vegan. Much opposite to her character in Cheeni Kum (who loved chicken biriyani), Tabu has always relished a vegan meal.

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Tabu Has Never Experimented With Her Hairstyles!

We have seen Tabu experiment with a lot of roles in her films but what always remained constant was her hairstyle. The birthday girl is very fond of her long, black tresses and considers it as her biggest asset. She has never let anyone try something new with her hair. Did You Know Tabu was the First Choice for Madhuri Dixit's Role in Kalank Even Before Sridevi Was Approached for it?

Tabu Has More Than a Hundred Nick Names in the Industry!

Tabu has been working in the Hindi film industry since the age of 10 and is very dear to everyone, hence it is very obvious that the actress has several pet names given to her. While her real name is Tabassum, people in the industry have given her nicknames like Tabs', 'Tubs' to 'Tubby' and many more. However, the most prevalent amongst the many nicknames she has been given is 'Tobler' and 'Toblerone'. Her email id also goes by this nickname.

Tabu Cannot Cry Onscreen

While you might have felt bad for her character crying on the big screen (thanks to her realistic acting), you will be stunned to know that Tabu cannot cry onscreen. During an interview, Tabu had confessed that she can never ever cry while shooting for an emotional scene without using glycerine.

Tabu’s Bank Balance Is Perpetually Zero

Tabu has a big heart when it comes to helping her friends and close ones. She is known to always lend a helping hand to friends, well-wishers, media persons and even producers who are in economical need. With all these charitable deeds, a jocular theory that has always floated around says that her bank-balance is enduringly zero. She has toured across the globe for her shooting schedules but her holiday destinations have never gone beyond Mumbai, Hyderabad and the US.

So these were some interesting facts about the birthday girl. While we may know a little more today, we love the fact that the actress knows how to keep the mystery about herself. To many such unexplored facts about the Andhadhun actress and a very happy birthday!