Happy Dhanteras 2020: Here are 5 Things that You Can Buy on Dhanteras

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Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi, is a major Hindu festival celebrated two days before Diwali. This year the festival will fall on Friday, November 13. The word dhan means wealth, and on this day people worship Lord Kubera and Goddess Laxmi for good luck and prosperity. According to Hindu beliefs, on this day Goddess Laxmi emerged from the ocean during Samudra Manthan, holding a pot of gold and wealth. People also worship the God of Ayurveda, Lord Dhanvantari on this day. His pictorial appearance shows him holding a vessel containing the nectar of immortality, Amrit.

On this day people light diyas known as Yama Deepam outside their homes. Hindu devotees celebrate Dhanteras by buying gold, silver, utensils, electronic items and vehicles and perform puja to seek blessings. Here are 5 things that one can buy on Dhanteras to bring good luck and good fortune:

Utensils- Buying utensils is customary on Dhanteras and people often get confused about what utensils to buy. As utensils are the part of daily lives and available in every home, one can go for silverware or brass utensils as these are considered to be auspicious and can be used during pooja.

Broom- There is a religious belief that the broom is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi and is said to remove negative forces and infuse positivity. It is also believed that broom sweeps out poverty and misery from the house and brings happiness and prosperity.

Gomti Chakra- Gomti chakra is considered sacred. These are a type of snails found in Gomti River, Dwarka. Gomti chakra is believed to bring health, wealth and prosperity. It is said to be auspicious to put 11 Gomti Chakras in a yellow cloth and keep it in the locker on Dhanteras.

Gold or Silver jewellery- With the mark of Diwali celebrations, jewellery are the most preferred item to shop for during Diwali. Gold and Silver shopping during on Dhanteras is said to bring fortune. Many jewellery brands give some special discount and offers on the purchase of jewellery on this day.

Electronics or gadgets- If you have been waiting to buy electronic items such as refrigerator, ovens, mobile phones or laptops, then this is the best time to buy it as many stores and brands give a huge discount on these items.