#HappyBirthdayJin: Here’s How BTS ARMYs Define Kim Seokjin Through His Birthday Hashtags!

Manjari Mukherjee

ARMYs reunite once again as they come forth to celebrate their most cherished BTS member Kim Seokjin’s b’day!

ARMYs have gone all out for their Star of Tonight aka Kim Seokjin of BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) as he turns 28 today. Trending various hashtags to celebrate this day from the usual #HappySeokjinnieDay to the perfect tag #SilverVoiceJin, they also trend a number new hashtags that have a deeper meaning to the fandom as a whole in connection to the eldest member of BTS.

Well, taking this day of celebration, we decode these various meaningful hashtags for those who’re new to the fandom, ARMY:

#RockJinDay: Kim Seokjin has literally charmed and made us go cray-cray over his rocking performances at several occasions, well, this definitely serves as jog down the memory lane:

#VocalKingSeokjin: A perfect tag for the most awe-worthy vocals of BTS, be it a ballad or a rock song, Kim Seokjin has vocals that make us feel a thousand emotions at once. A man of sheer talent with how fiercely steady his voice is even when he is onstage, taking the highs or lows, he is literally perfect! We need not go much deeper in the past, just stream Epiphany or Awake, two of BTS Jin’s most beautiful solos.

#TonightYoureOurStar: More like This Night, an original composition written by the multitalented Kim Seokjin, a soulful melody with the right amount of feels and depth. A song very close not only to Jin but also ARMYs, it has also managed to break records in less than 30 minutes since its release, as Jin’s solo single “Tonight” hit one million streams on SoundCloud!

#JinOurHappiness: A man of charity, a man of inspiration to millions! Recently, it came to light that BTS’s Jin had become a member of UNICEF’s Honors Club. The Honors Club extends membership to individuals who have donated over 100 million won (approx. $84,000). Kim Seokjin is said to have been a regular donor since last year, and has been recently joined to the Honors Club as he believed in the idea that “Good influence grows if it is shared.” Now, that’s called paving the way for good!

#WorldwideHandsomeJinDay: Having one if the most perfect face, Kim Seokjin of BTS is known as worldwide handsome, and we don’t doubt that. The man can pull off any look without efforts and charms us with his sweet smile itself! We can totally pass our whole day watching THIS worldwide handsome!

#KoreForJin: Kore basically means whale in Korean, however, it is also a much-loved representative character for Jin other than his BT21 Line friend RJ! So much so, that Jin had once decided to make up a brand under the name of Kore with his self-drawn whale logo!

#HeartsForJinDay: His love For ARMYs, if there’s one thing more endearing about Seokjin other than his many talents, is his unconditional love towards his fans. Like a family, he never stops giving back to his millions of fans and they love him just as much; but the man also loves the other BTS members just as much, from taking care of each one to cheering the loudest for all their individual achievements, that’s why its Hearts of Jin!

#KimSeokjinOurKoreanSRK: This one’s definitely for our desimys out there, as there have been several instances where Seokjin has reminded us of our Bollywood King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan! From being the entertainment King, to being equally witty yet hilariously funny, to being charming and a total gentleman at every turn and let’s not forget, absolutely talented with a starry persona! Once on screen, you definitely can’t take your eyes off Kim Seokjin! Now, that definitely reminds us of SRK!

Well, all this and more, Seokjin is definitely loved and known perfectly well by his fans. A very #HappyJinDay to all fellow ARMYs out there!

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