Harish Shankar brings back Rao Gopal Rao’s look in Duvvada Jagannadham

Yesteryear legendary actor Rao Gopal Rao was known for his unique style of dialogue delivery and his mannerisms. His roles in films like Manavoori Pandavulu, Muthyala Muggu, Khaidi, Abhilasha and Challenge among several other films made him one of the popular actors in Telugu cinema.

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He was backed by his seniors from the industry like S.V.Ranga Rao who first spotted Gopal Rao during his theatre days.After being recommended by S.V.Ranga Rao, Rao Gopal Rao entered the film industry and worked as an assistant director during his initial days. It was in Jagat Kiladilu that he got his first breakthrough as an actor, in which he played the antagonist. Rao was widely appreciated for his performance and offers started pouring in for the method actor who could get into the skin of any character with utmost ease.And same is the case with his son, Rao Ramesh, who now has a firm foothold in Telugu cinema. Rao Ramesh has gradually grown to stardom with his sincere performances in all the supporting roles that he has donned. Rao Ramesh never looked in a rush to pick up offers that came his way, but chose those which had the potential for performance.His performance in films like Gamyam, Kotha Bangaru Lokam, Khaleja, Pilla Zamindar and Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu received wide appreciation and Ramesh is now considered as one of the versatile actors in Telugu cinema.His latest outing, Duvvada Jagannadham, seems to have him play an interesting character. Harish Shankar has designed Rao Ramesh’s look in the film which is similar to the look of a role played by his father Rao Gopal Rao in Aa Okkati Adakku which released in 1993. Also starring Rajendra Prasad, Aa Okkati Adakuhad Rao Gopal Rao play a fisherman sporting shorts throughout the film, who over a period of time becomes a successful businessman but remains grounded to his roots.Rao Ramesh’s look in Duvvada Jagannadham is being compared to Rao Gopal Rao’s role in Aa Okkati Adakku now and June 23rd, 2017 is when the viewers will be able to figure out if Rao Ramesh is reprising his father’s role or if it is just a reference for the look.What do you feel? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments below…Recommended read: Kamal Haasan to wrap up the shoot of Vishwaroopam 2 soon

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