Harris-Pence Debate: Low Impact on Polls, But Weighty Candidates

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The vice-presidential debate ahead of the US elections was a landmark moment for more than one reason.

Other than the fact that both the candidates were seated behind plexiglass barriers as a precaution against coronavirus, Senator Kamala Harris was also the first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent to take the big stage for a debate in the general elections.

Minutes after the debate ended, Harris' “I'm speaking, Mr Vice President” rap at Mike Pence's constant interruption became a hit amongst her supporters on social media platforms.

Although not as chaotic or as belligerent as the Presidential debate, Harris and Pence sparred on key issues such as the Trump admin's response to coronavirus, trade and Affordable Act Care.

In the course of 90 minutes, Harris tried to attack the Trump-Pence government as the "greatest failure of any administration in the history" of US. While defending Trump's last four years, Pence also directed a few attacks at Harris himself.

But how did Kamala Harris do in the debate? Was she able to make a solid case for Joe Biden? And at a time when President Trump contracted coronavirus, was US Vice President Pence able to face the pressure on justifying his actions on COVID? Tune in!

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