Harry Potter TV show: Release date, cast, trailers, and rumours

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

Recently two reports have come in stating that a Harry Potter live-action TV series is going to start its production and it’s meant for HBO Max.

There is no doubt at all that HBO and Warner Bros would want to develop the Harry Potter franchise, particularly for its online streaming service in their recently launched HBO Max and during this age of the streaming wars good content is the one that rules. After all, they have a huge competition in the name of Disney who is certainly wasting no time bring new shows along with the Marvel and Star Wars worlds to improve its Disney+ streaming service.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported in January 2020 that managers at Warner Media have held several meetings with writers to bring Harry Potter franchise to television. The meetings were defined as “early-stage exploratory” conversations.

The main executives at both HBO and Warner Bros are still trying to find a writer and pitch for a Harry Potter live-action TV series for HBOMax. Although, in a statement, HBO Max and Warner Bros said there are “no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform”.

Many claimed that rumours about a set ready to shoot in the wizarding world have existed for some time, but it’s still blurred what the focus of the show would be or where it would fit into the Potter timeline.

The Harry Potter books were unimaginably successful having sold over 500 million copies worldwide. They were adapted into eight films, which have earned nearly $8 billion worldwide, plus there are two Fantastic Beasts spinoff films, with a third part to the sequel to come in 2022.

Talking about the cast and author for this tv series, as of now no writers or directors are attached even counting talent, as the show is still in the early stages as per reports and no deals have been made.

About the release dates the Harry Potter TV show has no known release date at this moment. But having complicated rights issues, this could delay the TV show from launching for a few years