Harvey Weinstein Trial Begins 2 Yrs After #MeToo; Prosecution Labels Him ‘Seasoned Sexual Predator And Rapist’

Hollywood’s infamous producer, who was basically the reason why #MeToo came into play has finally been brought to court. As the much publicized Harvey Weinstein trial began on Wednesday, the opening statement reiterated that the fallen producer is not a “harmless old man.” Assistant District Attorney Meghan Hast said in a compelling statement, "At the end of this trial, the evidence will be clear that the man seated right there is not just a tycoon in Hollywood, he was a rapist, sexually assaulting these women when they refused to comply with his desires and his orders."

Though Harvey���s expert team rubbished all the above claims, dismissing them saying all the relationships had been consensual. According to reports in international media, Harvey, who now weighs, 300 pounds, sat with his head shaking vigorously in dissent. He kept scribbling on his notepad that was passed to his team of lawyers, ever so frequently. Hast also added, “It will be clear throughout this trial that the defendant knew he was preying on the naive and the defenseless." ALSO READ: Supermodel Gigi Hadid Officially Dismissed As A Prospective Juror In Harvey Weinstein’s Rape And Sex Abuse Trial

The case has gone to trial two years after stories published in The New York Times and The New Yorker chronicling the sexual abuse various women were subject to. All of them reiterated that their dates had not been consensual.

The Harvey Weinstein case is being closely watched by world media and social media users. Will it have social repercussions in India and initiate a whole new wave of #MeToo?

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