After Hasley India, Aman Madaan’s Women-Centric Channel Pataakha Is Rising High On Success

Aman Madaan

Aman Madaan is the co-founder of the YouTube channel ‘Hasley India’ with his brother, Ankit Madaan. He is one of the creative minds in the country who has a lot of crazy ideas. Aman writes a lot of relatable content which manages to touch and inspire a lot of people.

He hails from Delhi and did his mass communication from IP University and completed his MBA from SMU University. However, he was never interested in studies, his mind was always inclined towards some creative side only and to something out of box.

After Aman finished his studies, he family pushed him to do work and he started his building construction business. Despite good money, the work bever excited him. That’s when he and his brother started their YouTube channel.

Aman’s YouTube channel has more than 1.2 million subscriber and one of the most popular among the Indians. While working on YouTube, he realised most of the channels are male orientated. So he decided to start a channel which will be totally women-oriented and that’s when he came up with new channel called Pataakha.

Pataakha was founded on Women’s Day on March 8, 2019 .As the name suggests, its sound is going to places and doing fireworks . Within 3-4 months, Pataakha has over 150,000 subscribers which is phenomenal and the videos went viral snd the channel is a early hit already.

Aman Madaan said that he was earlier skeptical about his idea as the market was dominated by male content. But then, he didn’t want to follow trend and followed his heart like he always does.

He started writing scripts for Pataakha and instead of going for fictitious stories, he went for the real ones. Aman wanted to give relatable content which we go through our daily basis in our regular life.

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