Hate cleaning? These dynamic duos will make quick work of your biggest messes

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The most powerful cleaning combos (Photo: Walmart)

There are certain cleaning products you should never mix—ammonia and bleach, for example. But there are others that make magic when paired together.

In my years as a home editor reviewing oodles of cleaning tools, I’ve discovered some amazing products that work beautifully in tandem. The key is knowing what works best for what, and choosing the ones that really shine.

I’ve compiled my favorite cleaning combos—a handheld vac and a robot vac, a dry mop and a wet mop—to arm you with the best possible cleaning care. When it comes to making your home sparkle, two is better than one—find your perfect pair below.

Dyson V7 Trigger Pro with HEPA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Photo: Walmart)

Dyson Handheld Vac + Roomba Robot Vac = Best for Whole-House Suckage

When you need a quick clean, to get pet hair off the couch or cracker crumbs off the floor, grab a handheld vac. No more fumbling with attachments on an upright, hooray! I love the Dyson because it’s super powerful (it kills me when a handheld loses steam), features a HEPA filter (great for allergy sufferers) and has a crevice tool that easily gets into all those nooks and crannies. I like the clear bucket so you can see all your dirt, too. Satisfying. But don’t think bigger jobs mean bigger output on your part. You’ll never have to lug around a heavy vacuum again—robo vacs have got your back. The Roomba will scoot around your home and has sensors to avoid stairs and other drop-offs. When done, it heads back to its docking station to juice up. Ahhh, 21st century living.

Roomba by iRobot 680 Robot Vacuum (Photo: Walmart)

Shop it: Dyson V7 Trigger Pro with HEPA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Blue, $179, walmart.com

Shop it: Roomba by iRobot 680 Robot Vacuum with Manufacturer's Warranty, $240 (was $300), walmart.com

PowerFoam + Power Scrubber Set = Best for Soap Scum and Mildew

ZEP INC Commercial Power Foam Tub & Tile Cleaner (Photo: Walmart)

Cleaning the shower is no picnic. But I found two products that make it, dare I say, a pleasure. The first one, Zep PowerFoam, I use about once a week. It’s the best spray I’ve found to cut through soap scum, mildew and hard-water stains with minimal effort. Just spray, leave on for a few minutes, and wipe clean. For when you do get grime buildup that takes a little more elbow grease, you’ll want to bring out the big guns. Talk about power: The stiff bristles on this power scrubber attach to your cordless drill! The bristles are made of nylon, so they won’t scratch your tub or tiles. And just think of how much fun it’ll be to go at that grime.

3Pcs Tile Grout Power Scrubber Set for Electric Drills (Photo: Walmart)

Shop it: ZEP INC Commercial Power Foam Tub & Tile Cleaner, $12 for 32 ounces, walmart.com

Shop it: 3Pcs Tile Grout Power Scrubber Cleaning Brushes Cleaner Set for Electric Drills, $20, walmart.com

Ivory Snow Liquid Landry Detergent + The Laundress Delicate Spray = Best for Delicate Clothes

Ivory Snow Liquid Laundry Detergent (Photo: Walmart)

For dealing with delicates, you can’t beat Ivory Snow. You can use it in the machine and for hand-washing, and it’s one of the only detergents I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or my sensitive skivvies. And for when I can’t muster the strength to do the laundry, I love The Laundress Delicate Spray. I admit it: I don’t wash things every single time I wear them. So I use this spray, non-toxic and allergen-free, in between washes to freshen my stuff by adding scent and eliminating odors. It’s ideal for non-washable items labeled dry-clean or dry-clean only, from nylon hosiery and spandex leggings to silk bras, blouses, dresses and scarves. It’s also great for pieces you wash less often, like sweaters and bras. Spray from six inches away and breathe in the yummy herbal/citrus scent.

The Laundress Delicate Spray (Photo: The Laundress)

Shop it: Ivory Snow Liquid Laundry Detergent, 25 oz, $12, walmart.com

Shop it: The Laundress Delicate Spray, 2 pack, 4 oz, $11, walmart.com

Meiger Dust Mop + Ktaxon Spin Mop = Cleanest Floors Ever

Meigar Microfiber Super Absorbent Noodle Dust Mop (Photo: Walmart)

I find that mopping without dusting the floor first becomes a big ‘ol mess. I have a cat, so fur mixed with dust and dirt gets all tangled in the mop and it’s just nasty. Giving the floor a swipe first with a microfiber mop catches all the errant stuff, paving the way for a nice smooth surface to really get down and dirty. This mop has a microfiber head which grabs everything, and is lightweight and colorful to boot. For the wet mop, I love this spinning mop. It rotates 360 degrees so you can swirl it into corners and around baseboards. The bucket wrings it out so no need to use your hands, and it comes with an extra washable mop head. It’s fun to use!

Ktaxon Microfiber Spin Floor Mop (Photo: Walmart)

Shop it: Meigar Microfiber Super Absorbent Noodle Dust Mop, $15, walmart.com

Shop it: Ktaxon Microfiber Spin Floor Mop, $22 (was $53), walmart.com

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