Have you tried the soap brows trend yet? Here are some tips

Transform your eyebrows using this easy and fun hack.

Eyebrows are finally enjoying their time in the sun. They are now a vital part of any beauty look, helping frame and draw attention to the face. Step into any beauty store and there are a whole host of products available to help you define, experiment, and play with your brows. Of the many trends doing the rounds, soap brows seem to top the list, with many experimenting with this free-spirited style.

Soap brows use exactly what their name implies—soap, that bar of detergent we know well enough not to wash our face with anymore. This trend has people using soap as a way to fix brows in place as well as get a bushy effect and feathery texture.

What you’ll need
For this trend you need a clean mascara spoolie and a bar of soap. Don’t use an old, repurposed mascara wand, as that would be too long and you’re likely to get soap on the skin around you eyes. You need a short spoolie that will work well with your short eyebrow hair. Also, pick a soap that is clear and colourless. If you use a white cake of soap on dark eyebrows you’ll end up with visible chunks of waxy soap on the hairs. So glycerine soap works best for this hack.
Photograph: charlixboi / Instagram

Do this before foundation
Doing this hack after applying foundation can mess up your makeup a bit. Also you might have to clean off excess soap from the skin around your eyebrows till you get a hang of this hack. So this trick is best done on clean skin. You can apply some primer on your eyebrows and skin to prevent the soap from coming in direct contact with your skin, and reducing the chances of irritation.

Dampen the soap
You need to dampen the soap just a little bit before bringing in the spoolie. Don’t splash around and lather up too much or else you’ll dilute the texture. You want the soap to be a little bit soft so that it transfers onto the spoolie easily.

Start off slow
Gently roll the tip of the spoolie on the soap surface till you see some product getting transferred. It’s key to get the right amount of soap on your spoolie. Too much and you’ll have white bits of soap clinging to your hair strands. So take a little at time so that you aren’t applying a lot in one go. You can add more if you feel there isn’t enough hold. If the soap turns white while it’s drying, it means that you’ve got too much on. One way to fix this is to do in with a damp spoolie and gently brush through your brows to remove the extra dried soap.

Brush up or sideways
You can go in one of two directions with this trend. Those with short hair and sparse eyebrows should brush their hair up (towards the hairline), which creates a big, bushy, effect. If you have long eyebrow hair or wild, bush brows, then brush the hair up (near the nose) and then move sideways (a little diagonally) when you reach your natural arch. This way you’re coaxing those troublesome strands near the arch into line. Nudge your hairs in place before the soap dries because it will be difficult to change their position once the soap hardens.

Top it up with powder or pomade
This hack only helps to tame and shape brows. So some might want to add a bit of colour or fill in bald patches. You’ll need to use a brow powder or pomade with soap brows, as not all pencils will show up on dried soap. Apply your tinted product of choice in soft strokes, mimicking hair strands, to fill in the gaps. And you’re done!

Lead photograph: browsoapph / Instagram