Having a hard time at the gym? Here’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actor Sana Saeed with some fitness inspiration

Sana Saeed is giving major fitness goals; here's how. (Photo: Sana Saeed/Instagram; designed by Rajan Sharma)

If you are struggling to find some mid-week motivation to hit the gym, we have you covered. Take a look at actor Sana Saeed's fitness routine, which is all about circuit training and stability balls. Trying out a number of exercises, Saeed, who made her debut with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as a child actor, can be seen performing different exercises back-to-back with minimum rest, a technique known as circuit training.

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Circuits are a rigorous form of exercise that are versatile and can be adapted to suit one's individual needs. Circuits can tackle weight loss, and help build strength, athletic performance and even one's core. A good trainer can help one to devise a circuit and create weekly/daily challenges that are also fun.


Here is a quick and easy way to construct a circuit, but remember there are many variations which can be adapted to any goal:

*Upper body exercise: Pull-ups, push-ups, shoulder press
*Lower body exercise: Squats, lunges, step-ups
*Core exercise: Plank, v sit, bicycle crunches
*Cardio: Shuttle sprints, jump rope
*Full body exercise: Burpee, thruster, bear crawl

Saeed can also be seen challenging herself with a range of exercises that include medicine ball workout and Swiss ball training.

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Since medicinal balls can be challenging to work with, owing to their instable nature, more effort is required while exercising which help the stabiliser muscles in the body (that play second fiddle to the pectorals, biceps and triceps) to increase the body's balance. Using them regularly for body weight moves is known to help build functional strength that reduces the risk of sporting injury, improves posture and helps support the heavier compound lifts like squats and overhead presses.


While expressing the importance of core workouts and how it helps build overall fitness, Dr Nandlal Pathak, principal physiotherapist and co-founder Synchrony Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, Noida, said that "dynamic exercises like Russian twists and exercises with gym ball and medicine ball can be truly effective as they increase the body's strength".

Functional fitness workout with medicine ball can help build core muscles. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Training with a gym ball is an efficient way of engaging the muscles that are difficult to reach. The rule of thumb is: further away the ball from the core of your body, the more difficult it is to maintain your balance. For example, when doing a press-up on the ball, placing the ball underneath your lower legs makes doing the push-up a lot easier because the ball is closer to your core.

It provides a safe way to move from a stable surface to one that works harder with different exercises performed on it. For example, doing a push-up on the ground is challenging in itself, but if you put the ball under your thighs, or stabilise on it with your hands, and then perform the same push-up, it becomes a little more challenging like Saeed did.

Have you given these exercises a try?