HBO Max greenlights adult animated series '10-Year-Old Tom'

Los Angeles, Jun 18 (PTI) HBO Max has given an order for adult animated series '10-Year-Old-Tom' from writer Steve Dildarian.

The scribe, who previously created animated series 'The Life & Times of Tim', will write and executive produce the show alongside Nick Weidenfeld on 'Rick and Morty' fame.

The series revolves around the titular boy Tom, who grapples with being corrupted by the grownups around him each day just by leaving his house.

Bad influences seem to lurk around every corner... litigious parents, drug dealing bus drivers and band teachers who want to sleep with his mom.  If he sets up a lemonade stand, he gets sued for gross negligence. If he plays baseball, he is encouraged to 'dabble with roids'.

And if he visits the school nurse, he is introduced to the world of insurance fraud. The grown ups in Tom’s life all mean well, but somehow just can’t manage to lead by example, as per the official plotline.

'I'm so excited to be making this show, and couldn't ask for better partners than HBO Max, Nick Weidenfeld and Tomorrow Studios. I can't wait to tell these stories through the eyes of Tom, an innocent kid trying to navigate a world that seems to get crazier by the day,' Dildarian said in a statement posted HBO Max's parent company WarnerMedia's website.

Weidenfeld said, 'Not only is Steve insanely funny, he is one of the rare talents that can write, draw and do voices. He’s the triple threat that is the foundation of all great animated shows.' '10-Year-Old-Tom' will also be executive produced by Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements. PTI RB RB