HDFC Bank celebrates mothers by putting a smile on their faces with #MaaKiKhushiKeLiye

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Mother’s Day 2021 may not look like it usually does with the pandemic keeping us apart, but the maternal bond can be just as strong while still maintaining social distance.

HDFC Bank has an endearing campaign this Mother’s Day highlighting the many ways a mother feels happy and relieved knowing that her child is responsible, healthy and safe. Especially during such times of crisis, a mother is constantly concerned if the child is taking all the safety precautions, eating meals on time, taking care of their health and managing all the stress and challenges in this current pandemic. So, as a child, the biggest gift that we can give our selfless mothers is the assurance that we are safe and adapting well to these unprecedented changes.

#MaaKiKhushiKeLiye is a simple yet powerful concept that HDFC Bank has chosen and shaped into a heartfelt and relatable campaign this Mother’s Day. Check out the video here:

Through a montage of touching moments, this unique campaign beautifully weaves together an engaging narrative showcasing little moments in everyday life where valuable lessons taught by mothers have helped their children be responsible, independent, and caring human beings. The video features four different mothers and their children, with mothers instantly breaking into subtle smiles of happiness as they watch their children act responsibly and choose a healthy and happy way of life.

This video showcases a wide array of positive messages and captures the essence of how virtues and responsible actions of their children are the biggest cause for pride and relief for mothers. The situations portrayed here are designed to reflect real life, whether it’s a son cooking instead of stepping out, a daughter who is working from home, another daughter congratulating her mom for successfully completing her video KYC remotely and opening an HDFC Bank account sitting at home, or a son who gets his COVID vaccination. All these small acts go a long way in lifting the mood of each mother and bringing a smile of relief on her face knowing that her children are safe and happy.

So, this Mother’s Day let’s do things for #MaaKiKhushiKeLiye to celebrate and bring a smile on the faces of our incredible moms.

This article has been created by the Studio18 team on behalf of HDFC Bank.

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