#HealthBytes: 6 tips to take care of dry-skin in winters

Sagar Malik

#HealthBytes: 6 tips to take care of dry-skin in winters

21 Dec 2018: #HealthBytes: 6 tips to take care of dry-skin in winters

When the winter season arrives, you have to be extra-careful about your skin's health.

The cold weather, coupled with low humidity levels, results in dry air, that snatches the much-needed moisture away from your skin.

Skin dryness often leads to irritation, chapping, redness, itching, cracking, or even bleeding.

Here are 6 simple tips to help keep your skin soft-and-shiny, this winter season.

Tips (1,2): Stay covered; Keep your skin well-moisturized

Cover up: Keep your skin as much covered as possible. Protect the otherwise exposed skin areas like your neck and hands, by wearing a scarf and gloves, to stay safe from the skin-deteriorating chilly winds.

Moisturize: Use a natural skin-moisturiser right after you take a bath or wash your hands, in order to avoid skin roughness.

Tips (3,4): Prefer lukewarm water; Use natural face masks

Lukewarm water: A hot shower might feel like the best thing to do during winters, but hot water can strip your skin of essential oils, rendering it weak and lifeless. That's why, it is suggested to use only lukewarm water for washing skin, whenever possible.

DIY face-masks: Use natural DIY-masks, using moisturizing ingredients like honey, avocado, yogurt, olive, almond oil, bananas, and aloe vera.

Tips (5,6): Stay hydrated; Consider a humidifier

Hydration: Generally, we tend to drink much lesser amount of water during winters, as we turn to hotter drinks like tea and coffee. However, for maintaining good skin health, it is important to stay hydrated inside out. So, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Humidifier: Lack of natural humidity, during winters, harms the skin. So, consider installing a humidifier.