#HealthBytes: Exercises to get rid of arm fat at home

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#HealthBytes: Exercises to get rid of arm fat at home
#HealthBytes: Exercises to get rid of arm fat at home

24 Jan 2021: #HealthBytes: Exercises to get rid of arm fat at home

Just like belly fat, arm fat is stubborn and requires a lot of effort to get rid of.

Wearing your favorite tank top or sleeveless blouse can be a challenge if you don't have toned arms.

Now, spot reduction is a myth, so try out these simple bodyweight exercises along with your regular cardio at home to remove those chubby arms and tone them.

Arm circles: Start with simple arm circles in clockwise, anti-clockwise direction

Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.

Place both your hands on the sides. Now, gradually lift both the arms, parallel to the ground and circle them in the forward direction.

Make sure to not flex your elbows.

Do this for ten reps in the clockwise direction and repeat the same in the anti-clockwise direction.

Repeat three sets of each.

Plank: Plank taps tone the arms and strengthen them as well

Start this exercise in an arm plank position with hands directly beneath the shoulder.

Keep your feet hip-width apart.

Make sure to engage your core muscles.

Next, tap your right shoulder with your left hand. Come back to starting position.

Switch sides and repeat the same with the right hand. Do three sets of ten reps on each side.

Tricep dip: Single leg tricep dips using a chair or bench

Stand two feet from a chair or bench and place your hands on it.

Lift your right leg off the floor by not bending the knees.

Flex your elbows, lower your body and let your triceps feel the strain. Get back to starting position.

Do this for ten reps and then switch to the left leg. Repeat for two sets.

Push ups: Classic push ups: It takes a while to master it

Push-ups are the most basic of bodyweight exercises but it takes a while to master them.

Start in a high plank position, with hands shoulder-width apart. Engage your core muscles.

Bend your elbow to a 45-degree angle and lower your body until it almost touches the floor.

Hold this position for a few seconds and gradually rise.

Go for two sets of 10 reps.

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