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Rajgira or amaranth:

The staple food of the Aztecs, this ancient grain is loaded with fibre, protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It is also a rich source of manganese, which protects against certain neurological conditions and helps the body utilise Vitamins C, E, choline and thiamine better. Further, amaranth, which is naturally gluten-free and nutrient-rich, is the only grain that contains Vitamin C. You can include amaranth in your diet by making Rajgira laddoos, chikkis or even sprouting it and adding it to your salads.

Healthiest whole grains that you need to include in your daily diet

According to a study published in the medical journal Lancet, a diet lacking in whole grains, apart from fruits and vegetables, is among the top diet-related killers in the world. As opposed to refined grains, which are milled and processed with only the endosperm intact, whole grains contain all the three essential parts of a seed – the bran, germ and endosperm. They, thus provide a whole lot of nutrients and are low on fat.

The study goes on to state that the low intake of whole grains is a leading cause of deaths and DALYs (disease-adjusted life years, which is the measure of overall disease burden – the sum of life years lost due to premature death and the years of productive life lost due to disability) in India. This is despite the fact that whole grains have traditionally been a part of our diet.

Here are some of the healthiest whole grains that you should be including in your daily diet: