Healthy Apple Rabdi: Here’s A Healthy Recipe of This Dessert to Enjoy It Guilt-Free (Watch Video)

Ahmer Shaikh
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Maintaining a healthy body is not as difficult as it is often perceived to be. In order to stay fit, it is very important to eat foods in the right way and in moderate quantity while physical exercise and a disciplined lifestyle also play an integral role. People say that sweet dishes should completely be eradicated from your diet to maintain a healthy body. However, that's not totally true. Apple rabdi, which is a delicious dessert and can be enjoyed once or twice in a week to satisfy your sweet tooth, can also be enjoyed without any guilt. Sakarkand Rabdi: Why Sweet Potato Dessert Is A Good Option for Health Conscious People.

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When health experts recommend avoiding sweets, they mean reducing the intake of refined sugar which can cause weight gain, fat gain and many other health problems. Apple rabdi can be prepared by using a sugar substitute or jaggery. Apart from this, low-fat milk should be used in this dessert preparation. Nutritious Khakhra Chat: Here’s Healthy Recipe of This Famous Indian Snack (Watch Video)

How Apple Rabdi is Healthy

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Apple is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibres which can smoothen the digestive tract. Also, the pectin in apple works as prebiotic which improves gut health by feeding the good bacteria. The fibre also creates a feeling of fullness and reduces the level of ghrelin, which can help avoid overeating. Low-fat milk can fulfil the requirement of casein protein and calcium, which help in the development of bone and muscles. The cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder used in this dessert preparation further increase its nutritional value.

Apple Rabdi Healthy Recipe

Apple rabdi is delicious and refreshing. Remember, you should not peel the apple for this dessert, as the skin of this fruit contains lots of fibre. Garnish this dessert with almonds or cashews to make it more healthy and attractive.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)