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Healthy Wraps

Wraps are a healthy snack option as they can be made with rotis/ chapatis & stuffed with vegetables that full of nutrients. Wraps can be made in multiple ways & look very appealing. Apply little cheese spread on rotis and fill them up with veggies of choice like cooked carrots & spinach leaves, sliced cucumber & chopped tomatoes. Roll the chapatis and secure them with a toothpick so that they do not fall apart while they stay in the tiffin boxes. Image courtesy- Pixabay

Healthy Tiffin Recipes For Kids

As schools reopen, new set of textbooks, school uniforms and a fresh syllabus – all await as the school routine begins. While parents have to effectively deal with the all the logistics schooling brings along, the tiffin box which children carry daily, forms an essential part of their school bag. On every single school day or an occasional sports day/ annual day; each time a child steps out for school, a tiffin box must be present with him/ her.

Every mom / parent aims at packing a healthy meal for their child. Since kids usually have their lunch at home, the objective is to provide a wholesome snack meal that is not only healthy but also fulfils their “yummy food” requirements. So here are some healthy tiffin recipes that mommies can pack for their kids.