When You Hear Songs Enhancing Relationships… Its None Other Than Vicky D Parekh

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The soul of love and truth of life is the essence of a successful relationship.

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*Vicky D Parekh* believes
*Each Relationship represents a world within us*.

At the heart of life, lie a relationship we have with other people. And how we flow and grow these relationships has huge impact on our happiness.

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So this week we'd look back and share some of the best works of Vicky D Parekh based on the relationships that we live with.

Importance of every relationship in our lives has been melodiously recited by this heartthrob *Vicky D Parekh* in his most loved and appreciated show " *Rishton ki dor*"

All over the world he has remarkably performed 350+ shows of "Rishto ki Dor" in cities like Mumbai, Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bangalore, UP Bihar to the extreme north Jammu and extreme south kanya kumari of India. His shows are loved in the country's like USA, Chicago, Malaysia, Srilanka, Burma, London also in Pakistan. He is known as the bond of love and is respected by everyone in all corners of the world.

We all live in a despair world of strained relationships where every second we see broken hearts and hatredness among the most valuable relations. How small things and changed perspective of people breaks relationships, so *Vicky D Parekh* chose to show the world that relationships makes the world a perfect place to live in. And every relationship is strong to the extent that it can make or break a person. *Vicky D Parekh* believes in strong bonding and so comprises the essence of the feelings love and sacrifice in his every song for the relations like mom and dad, brother and sister, husband and wife, grandpa and grandma, uncles and aunties, and friends forever.

He has recorded 1000s of songs on emancipating the relationships of daughter, Son, and imbibing the respect and values this relationship carries in each one of us. His songs "Jinko hai betiya" "Pati ki patni hai mallika", "Ohh paa", " Pooja hai tumko", " tu meri dhadkan hai maa" “Hey Wife My Wife”, “Godi Mein Sula De Maa” and many more have stolen the hearts of people and his special emotional connect in his shows have made people's eyes fill with tears and respect and value tge treasure of relationships in their lives.

*Vicky D Parekh* is making the values of humanity strong by showing the world through his melodious" rishto Ki Dor" that relationships makes life worth living.

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