Here’s A Heartwarming Dedication To Our Golden Maknae aka BTS Jungkook!

manjari mukherjee

From being the most loved Golden Maknae, to leaving us shook with his Boyfriend looks, and let’s not forget his perfect vocals, BTS Jungkook is gift to this world and hence, we definitely celebrate his birthday!

His 22nd birthday celebration is kick-starting all over and across the world as 20+ million ARMYs trend various hashtags and other b’day projects in the name of BTS Jungkook!

From being the Golden Maknae- for whom nothing is impossible, to the most loved and fawned over member for his boyfriend looks and perfect vocals, to being a beautiful combination of all his hyungs aka other Bangtan Sonyeondan members! Jungkook is literally the kid to has grown-up to be a man worthy of every praise, every happiness and every success, and we can’t help but celebrate this gift to the world, today, with all of the ARMYs!

1) Golden Maknae: If there’s someone in the world who can make the impossible, possible in REAL, it is our Golden Maknae aka Jeon Jungkook! Lovingly called Kookie by fans, Jungkook has always been GOALS to many for his ability of being good at everything!

2) Shadow Of His Hyungs:
Jungkook is literally the combination of his hyungs, from the eldest member Jin to Jimin- they all have left a mark of themselves in him. After all, not only do they spend years together but JK has quite literally grown-up in front of his hyungs!

3) Shook-worthy Boyfriend looks:
From his bunny smiles to his doe eyes and sexy, lean body that leaves breathless, Jungkook is a literal definition of what we call the boyfriend looks! Just take a look at his sleepy yet adorable airport looks with that beautiful silky bedhead hairstyle, he will floor you with just flick!

4) Kindest Heart:
From taking care of his ARMYs during the concerts to being sorry about not being able to perform well for his dearest fans- Jungkook is literally a baby, who loves to shower love to his ARMYs. Moreover, showing his very caring and kind soul, he is also someone all the members can count on when in need of someone to talk to. Well, this man is total definition of endearing!

5) Awe-worthy Cover Songs:
Taking away our hearts with his incredible vocals, Jungkook leaves us spellbound even when he is simply busking to lost stars in Malta or just releasing cover songs to various artists songs, to show his own appreciation! Well, this man leaves no stone unturned to rule our hearts always and forever!

Hence, all we can say go this beautiful gift to our world, Jeon Jungkook- Happy Birthday from ARMYs and We Purple You All Way To Infinity!

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