Helen Birthday Special: Five Dance Tracks Of The Evergreen Dancer We Don't Mind Watching A Remix Of

Moumita Bhattacharjee
·3-min read

Helen, like the Greek Princess, is beautiful, charming, gorgeous and extremely attractive. Always the cabaret dancer rarely the heroine, Helen rocked the 70s stage as she romanced a pole and gave many fantasies to men. They say the crowd used to come to watch movies just to see her. Such was this woman charm. Many tried to be her but nobody succeeded. The most amazing aspect of being Helen in movies is, despite being part of raunchy, arousing and sensual numbers, she was never vulgar. Even those skimpy clothes didn't titillate the audience. People were just mesmerised by her perfect moves and a distinctly wicked smile. Salman Khan’s Mother Salma Khan And Helen Join Instagram With No Posts

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Now we have seen some terrible remakes of Helen songs, one of them being Mungda. We understand many of her fans would hate the idea of this feature as we are talking about remixes here. But many times, a refurbished version can prompt a completely unassuming generation, who only knows Helen as Salman Khan's stepmother, revisit the golden age of Helen. We are pretty sure of that because, with Tanishk Bagchi's remix skills here (he is, unfortunately, the go-to man for remixes), they will definitely seek out the original. With that hope, on her birthday, we list down a few songs that we wouldn't mind a remake of.

Aa Jane Jaa - Intequam

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The lethal combination of Asha Bhonsle and Helen can make anyone go wild. That costume, that hairstyle and some eccentric makeup...Helen is a dream in this song. The highs and lows in the rhythm of the song get a beautiful dance rendition by her.

Oh Haseena Zulfon Waali - Teesri Manzil
It's not easy to match the energy of Shammi Kapoor from his heydays. He is a very light foot and can make any gesture seem like a dance form. Helen looked and moved gorgeously in the song. The film had Salman's father and Helen's husband Salim Khan in an important role. There is a remix of this song in Dil Vil Pyar Vyar but that hardly counts.

Iss Duniya Mei Jeena Hai To - Gumnaam
Helen in an onesie costume at the beach teaching the stranded passengers life lessons on living life makes for such an amazing watch. A different setting and some increased arrangement could make this song a hit!

Hum Kale Hai to kya hua - Gumnaam

Yes, one more song from the same movie and it's kind of our favourite. There's no movie or songs in the history of Indian cinema which saw someone feel proud of their dark complexion. Indians are obsessed with fairness, even today. Helen looked extremely pretty in this song.

Ooi Maa Ooi Ma - Parasmani
A highly energetic dance by Helen in a traditional desi garb makes her look ravishing in this song.

We just love to watch her songs. Helen ji, have a wonderful day ahead, Happy Birthday!