How to help your child socialise before preschool

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Your child will take some time to open up and start interacting. (Source: Getty Images)

Your child may have difficulty in engaging with his or her classmates in a preschool. And that is understandable because not every child will react the same way with others in a social situation. To help your little one feel more at ease in socialising, here are some ways to prepare them before putting them in preschool.

Keep your expectations in check

Your child will take some time to open up and start interacting. First and foremost, parents need to evaluate their child's socialising skills as per their age. Children initially play on their own, gradually beginning to engage in parallel play where they play alongside each other followed by associative play where they begin to get interested in other children.

Arrange playdates

You could arrange playdates for your child from time to time with kids of his or her age, from cousins to other toddlers at homes or playgrounds. Meeting other childen frequently will encouage them.

Make them join a group

You can also make kids join a fun group activity. It is good to introduce your child to diverse group of kids from an early age and motivate them to navigate. Children could also get this opportunity in a daycare centre.

Step in when needed

If your child is too shy, you can step in and help him or her mingle with other kids. While you should not intervene too much in your child's fights and disagreements, be involved enough to ensure they stay safe.

Give them time to figure out

Your child will not learn to socialise overnight. It is recommended that parents do not push them too much but give them enough time to figure out things on their own. There could be some crying or minor clashes while figuring out social situations but parents should avoid panicking and support their child.