The Helping Hand The World Needs, Honor Society Foundation

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At a time when modern societies face challenges including social, moral, financial, and educational, the role of philanthropists and welfare organizations has immensely increased. The world needs more organizations or groups who work for the betterment of others. One can find many fingers pointing out the shortcomings of others but it is hard to find helping hands who support those working towards a better world. A helping hand can be a moral support as well. It is not necessary to be a financial giant or famous personality. All it needs is to have a good will and determination towards achieving it. The role philanthropy plays in our society is seldom acknowledged by all. When asking people, they often answer that the etymology of the word indicates “love of the other” which evokes within a giver. Not everyone has the ability to think for others while those who do, have to go extra miles to help others achieve their dreams.

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Philanthropy is an ecosystem with inseparable components. There are donors, individuals or companies interconnected in a strong network. It is the people who become an important part of this philanthropic work. There are also some financial operators such as foundations and endowment funds to contribute for the wellbeing of society. The working phenomenon of these organizations do require regulations and transparency practices. The forms of support are very varied. From the simple donation of money or time, small or large, either directly to needy people, or to an organization, to the creation of a foundation or an endowment fund that makes it possible to support in the most organized and over time. Honor Society Foundation have also become an important resource for philanthropy. It was built in 1999 in the United States of America. Mike Moradian founded the society with an objective to provide scholarships to individuals who want to go for higher studies. Honor Society Foundation provides scholarships to high achievers to pursue their dreams, it also creates value-driven educational content, and preserves the distinguished history of honor societies.

Reshaping Lives of those making an effort

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Honor Society Foundation has provided many students with scholarship who dream big. Many of the students approaching them do not have a strong financial background but have a fine approach to continue their studies. They have a zeal to ride against the tides for something they can not sacrifice due to financial constraints. The foundation also helps in bridging gap between the social divide. It opens up equal opportunities for underprivileged ones and groom aspiring students regarding the study options that they can look up to while securing the scholarship.

Setting up a charitable foundation and looking after it administratively is a lot like starting a business and looking after it. Mike Moradian is an internet entrepreneur who brings the idea of philanthropy and social service to life through the foundation he started called ‘Honor Society Foundation’. The foundation aims to honor the individuals of society who find themselves hanging helpless. It serves as a helping hand to those who find themselves rejected by their own community or family. It also recognizes the academic and professional success of individuals who got a kickstart by the means of Honor Society Foundation.

Considering the huge contribution, the foundation has made to the community, the foundation received GuideStar Platinum Rating non-profit recognition in 2020. It also comes under the Top-Rated non-profit organizations by Great Nonprofits for the exceptional work and success stories sheltered under the name of the Honor Society Foundation. It also runs the Honor Society Museum to preserve the history of honor societies. It has collected nearly 155 honor society artifacts to be preserved within its museum.

The honorable contributions the foundation has made do not go unnoticed and there are many people who contribute for the cause. It is the determination of the founder and team that has taken it so far and added value to numerous lives. Honor Society Foundation had granted over 20 scholarships in its ruling year. The numbers have kept on increasing with each passing day. The foundation also contributed for creation of videos that make a difference with a powerful message. The Honor Society foundation started with an aim to provide $1,000-$5,000 per recipient. Though the organization receives 4,000 applications per year, it could accommodate to only 50 requests initially. With time the contributions and investment made to the organization’s investment grew, it can now accommodate other applicants as well.

The organization takes preventive measures and makes transparency its first priority by providing a valid receipt of distributing funds directly to students for educational purpose solely. The organization provides all the scholarship related details through the universities, colleges, and high school financial aid offices. It also has a good online presence where students can find application and awards details for academic goals. To ensure continuous fund growth and financial support for students, all additional undistributed donations are used for investment purpose to make the sponsorship process smooth and ongoing.

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