Helping people attain their definition of success is a sought-after PR professional, Barbara Lizzet Sanchez

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Working around 14 years in the industry has not only made her a successful PR entrepreneur and publicist but has also turned her into a compassionate individual and a social activist.

Some people get into their areas of interest to gain the momentum they need in their career and make a unique name for themselves attaining all the success they ever desired. However, there are some rare gems in this world that not only work to sculpt their careers as they want but also simultaneously work towards doing something better for the society and bring about that much needed positive difference in people’s lives. Topping this list of entrepreneurs is Barbara Lizzet Sanchez from the US, who believed she could attain the highest highs in her career as a PR professional and publicist and so did she.

The kind of lifestyle that this talented woman entrepreneur has created today for herself was not something she built in a day. After putting in rigorous hours of work and giving it her all, Barbara Lizzet Sanchez has reached a position where she can transform her client’s lives by helping them make an incredible impression on the people and help them multiply their reach and presence through her astute business acumen and skills as a PR professional and publicist.

Giving in her 14 long years to the industry, Barbara Lizzet Sanchez got the opportunity to work along with several prominent names of Hollywood and emerged as a successful entertainment publicist, marketer and event planner, with having skills in social media as an influencer and growth expert as well.

Over the years, the kind of success that Barbara Lizzet Sanchez has achieved and has helped her clients achieve acts as a phenomenal case study for many other budding PR professionals out there. However, ever wondered what has kept this powerful lady stand apart from others? Well, the success she has gained in her career and life so far can also be attributed to the kind of compassion and strong passion that she possesses, which helps her work for the society at large.

The fact that she treats all her clients like family and believes in building and maintaining relations as lifelong relationships also proves her honesty in the same and her drive to keep working for them. This has also motivated her to turn into a social activist to work for the betterment of people in ways more than. It has also encouraged her to fight social injustice advocating against domestic violence and fighting injustice against farmworkers. Through the prominence and recognition she has achieved in her career, she uses the same to contribute and support various causes and organizations. She takes pride in being the member of the “Bella Foundation,” “The UFW,” supporting “The Dolores Huerta” Foundation and she’s a founding member of the organization “Bad Ass DoGooDers.”

Today, where Barbara Lizzet Sanchez as a successful publicist has worked with celebrities like Bella Thorne, Kyle Massey, Danny Trejo, Ray J, Nate Dogg, Harvey J aka Chef Henny, Nathan Piland, T-Boz (from the multi-platinum group TLC) amongst a long list of many other clients, she has created her own legacy, showing her excellence and prowess not just as an extraordinary PR professional, but also as an influencer and growth expert on social media. This has allowed her to travel many parts of the world and meet many more people, generating a mammoth of contacts and live a life like a queen who knows how to reign in her field.

From a girl who came from Mexico City not knowing English to become a public figure of the US, achieving incredible feats throughout her career, Barbara Lizzet Sanchez has been the one who got featured on various well-known publications and magazines. She has appeared on multiple TV shows and documentaries as well and this proves the kind of talent this influential lady possesses and the inspiration she has become for other budding professionals in the industry.

Connect with her now on Instagram @barbarasanchezpr to know more.

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