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He was the He-man

Dharamendra, who was an established star by the time Hema Malini entered Bollywood, was a married man with two children. Dharam Singh Deol and Parkash Kaur had had an arrange marriage in 1954 and their family was blessed with two sons and two daughters, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Vijeeta Deol, and Ajeeta Deol. Hema Malini was just a new comer to Bollywood who had travelled all the way from south. She was 13 years younger to the ‘He-man’ of Indian cinema.

Hema-Dharam: Not an ideal love story, a love-story nonetheless.

Not all love stories are perfect, some come with their set of imperfections. But as they say, the blemishes add to the beauty of the moon.

Dharmendra and Hema Malini had an odd love-story; the morality of their love was often put to questions. There were eye-rolling, eye-brow raisings, and a considerable amount of oppositions.

But, it survived.