Herbal Concoctions to 'Asanas': Here is Sadhguru's Ultimate Guide to Beat the Pandemic

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Isha Foundation founder Sadhguru said on Tuesday that people should not think about their lifestyle, but about their life in order to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. Sadhguru made these comments during the first live stream of a series of online lectures called ‘Positivity Unlimited’ coordinated by the Covid Response Team, which is an outfit formed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its affiliates.

In his speech, which he delivered from the US, Sadhguru said that the daily number of Covid-19 cases were irrelevant now as so many people were suffering from it. He said, “These numbers may be of guidance to the administration but I think it is time to shift to a place where we educate people how to handle this, how to handle the symptoms.”

According to Sadhguru, right now, we do not need too many doctors but we need more nurses and paramedics. He said that he has asked younger people to go near the hospitals and take up all the non-medical aspects of work that the medics were so far performing due to lack of additional staff.

He then further went on to give some more solutions to fight the pandemic. Sadhguru said, “I recommend people to consume a concoction of herbs. Its origin is from a village in Tamil Nadu. It is not vaccination, but it would definitely boost your immunity. While it will not cure the virus, it will restrict the symptoms so low that you won’t have to end up in the ICU.”

Sadhguru said that it is important to control one’s breathing to effectively beat coronavirus and mentioned some of his recommendations such as “Sashthang”, “Simhakriya” and “Ishakriya.” He said that if these things are done for 30 minutes or two-three times a day, our oxygen levels would be higher.

He talked about how a change in our lifestyle is necessary. He gave his own example and said that while a few years back, when he was in the US, he would live in hotels, but right now he is driving and living out of a truck.

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