Here’s a treasure box that helps kids get smarter

Are your kids bored and distracted all the time? Is watching television their favourite pastime? Indeed, engaging children with something that is constructive and fun is not the easiest thing to do. Parents are constantly on the look for toys, books, games or anything that can keep their kids busy and has the right balance of learning and fun.

OKZYromon’s Treasure Box, is the perfect answer for this. It is a fun, theme-based kit for children in the age group of 3 to 7. The contents of the Treasure Box encourage creativity, innovation and learning at home. Designed by child development experts, the various activities focus on early development. This wonderful, ready-to-be-explored treasure is home delivered each month.

The activities developed based on extensive research to identify ‘what parents want their children to understand’ provide children new experiences and stimulate curiosity. Each Treasure Box comes with a storybook, three to four games/ puzzles/ experiments for children. For parents, it includes interesting tips on parenting well as on nutrition validated by a leading Mumbai-based paediatrician and child specialist, Dr. P V Vaidyanathan. 

Besides being the perfect combination of education and fun, the biggest towards this product are the central characters – Okzy and Romon, two enthusiastic and curious boys, who are best friends. The characters are central to every theme, the activities and the story.

The team at OKZYromon believe in the power of play and the impact it has on a child’s intellectual, emotional, creative and social development. Each Treasure Box focuses on this all-round development and has five essential growth drivers at its core – LEARN   - Life skills, Education, Awareness, Reuse and Nutrition and each activity is designed to enhance these growth drivers.

We spoke to founder Hetal Sanganee, who gave us an insight into the world of Okzyromon. Here are excerpts:

How did this idea come about for you? How did you “think up” Okzyromon?

We were constantly buying or getting the regular cars, trucks, planes and other such toys as gifts for our four-year old son. These would typically last a week or a fortnight if we got lucky and there was very little learning or engagement. We saw the situation with our friends and family was the same, where parents were buying similar toys, almost one every weekend for their children. This clearly indicated a need for something that ensures a balance of education, awareness and fun and that’s how we thought of OKZYromon.

What is the kind of research and background work that goes into starting a project like this?

Identifying relevant themes, designing the elements for the Treasure Box and then testing it across age groups are the broad steps we follow to develop each box . We finalize the themes based on research amongst parents to understand what they would want their children to focus on. Once the themes are finalized our team of product designers, authors and editors work on developing a prototype of the various elements for the box. The content is validated by Dr P Vaidyanathan who is closely involved with the product development team. We then test this with kids for a final go-ahead!

Having a strong consulting and research background helps bring in a crucial understanding of what is a global trend, leading practice and future outlook. It helps conceptualize themes that are both, well researched and thought through, as well as creative to keep the fun element on.

What is the USP of OkzyRomon?

The perfect combination of fun and learning! The activities stimulate curiosity in children and provide them with fresh experiences. It is a great way to spend quality time with kids and explore new ideas. It is amazing how children view each element in their own way and, in the bargain, learn something interesting.
The biggest attractions to the product, however, are the central protagonists - best friends Okzy, Romon Jr. and Emry.  

How did you come up with the main characters?

The characters evolved over time, we were keen on developing characters that kids would identify with.  We have a very talented team and the credit for developing the characters would go to our product development and design head.

Okzy and Romon are completely different personalities and that’s why the play on the word oxymoron. Both have their strengths. Okzy is a cheerful and energetic boy who loves to play outdoors; football is his favourite sport. Romon Jr., fondly called Romon, is clever boy who loves to read and play with puzzles. Emry is a very refreshing break from the clutter of girly princess characters. Emry is as feisty as the boys, and loves airplanes and rockets. She wants to be a pilot when she grows up.

What is your way forward for OkzyRomon?

Our focus is on building a company that is loved by both parents and children alike. Going forward, we would like to grow the product portfolio to include a wider range of products in the educational toys segment, anything that stimulates curiosity and engages children constructively.

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