Here's Everything We Know So Far About Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal Marital Feud

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Actor Karan Mehra was arrested on June 1 after his wife Nisha Rawal filed assault charges against him. The incident took place on Monday night following which the actor was taken into custody. He was later released on bail from the police station in the early hours of Tuesday.

A case was registered against Mehra under IPC sections 336 (endangering human life or personal safety others), 337 (causing hurt by an act which endangers human life), 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation). After the police case, both Karan and Nisha have spoken to the media, sharing their sides of the story.

Nisha Rawal’s accusations

In her complaint, Nisha accused Karan of pushing her against the wall post a brawl. Karan was detained by the police for questioning and later placed under arrest. He was granted bail the next day. She later talked to the media and alleged that Karan not only assaulted her but he is also having an extramarital affair which she learned about a “couple of months ago”.

“Karan just walked out of the room, and as I stood up to leave, he grabbed me by my hair and smashed my head on the wall. Before I could even realise I was bleeding, he pinned me against the wall holding me by my neck. I actually cried out to him asking why he hates me so much,” shared Nisha during a press conference. She also claimed that Karan had been avoiding discussion on their divorce and alimony for a long time.

Karan Mehra claims police complaint a ploy to seek hefty alimony

Karan Mehra refuted all allegations levelled against him by Nisha and claimed that she herself hit her head against a wall and threatened to “ruin” him. While sharing his side of the story and what transpired that night, Karan claimed, “Nisha barged into my bedroom, as we have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for a while. She began shouting and abusing my family, told me, ‘I will ruin your life’, spat on me and I calmly told her not to behave in this manner and to go back to her bedroom. I got up to go into the bathroom when she suddenly banged her head on the wall and said, ‘ab dekho kya hota’.”

Karan has also called allegations of the extramarital affair against him “baseless”. “I haven’t cheated on her and I am not having an extramarital affair.” Karan had also said that Nisha was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had a “violent anger streak”.

Nisha Rawal on being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

In her press conference, Nisha accepted that she indeed was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but was “not a psycho”. “Bipolar is a mood disorder which happens due to extreme trauma and it’s genetic sometimes. I was diagnosed with bipolarity and I am not going to lie about it as I am not ashamed about it. But I am not a psycho, it is a mood disorder. And you all know how balanced I am. I create content for the web, make videos, and write about things. I don’t have to prove anything,” she said.

Nisha said that she had a miscarriage in 2014 and Karan was not there to support her. “In September 2014, I was 5 months pregnant and I lost my child. Recently, I made a Mom’s group where women who lost their child can speak up about it as when I lost my child I did not have anyone to talk to about the loss. In the middle of it my husband was beating me up, abusing me, he was unavailable, totally detached and that’s when I went to a therapist. In fact, Karan had stopped me from going to a therapist, he didn’t let me go to a gym, he was very controlling in everything,” she said.

What led to the talks of divorce?

Karan revealed in an interview that he and Nisha had been living in a strained relationship for a couple of years, and since they could see there was no point staying together, they decided to part ways. On the other hand, Nisha has alleged that Karan was having an affair which led to a dispute in their marriage. “Karan has been having an affair with another girl. When I came to know about it, he accepted that he has another girl in his life. I asked him whether he has a physical relationship or a serious affair or an emotional one. He said ‘I love that girl. I have been having physical affair with her.'” Nisha claimed that the girl is from Delhi and the affair started when Karan started staying away from his family and shooting in Chandigarh for his TV show.

What their close friends are saying?

Kashmera Shah had earlier claimed that Karan Mehra had apparently hit Nisha Rawal but the actress later backtracked on her statement, saying she wants to remain “neutral” as she is friends with both of them. Sharing an old happy family photo of Karan and Nisha with their kid, Kashmera wrote, “These are my friends. These are the people I love very much. All three of them. So when one is hurt by the other I am sure the other is also hurting. I am writing this today because I could not bring myself to take just one person’s side.”

Nisha’s close friends Rohit K Verma and Munisha Khatwani have come out in her support. In their social media posts, the two have claimed they knew about the problems in Karan and Nisha’s marriage for a long time but were asked to stay silent. Rohit wrote, “I have been seeing silently suffer for years finally she decided to let out her cry for help and stand for herself and child A far cry for help from a friend. Aghast to see my bestie in such a state.”

Tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani also posted Nisha’s photo and wrote on Instagram, “Time to break the silence… time to wake up…”

Actor Gaurav Chopra, who is a good friend of both Nisha and Karan and doting uncle to their son, Kavish, mentioned that he doesn’t want Kavish to get affected amidst the ongoing fight between the couple. “I have been trying to sort it as a friend and I am somebody whose advice matters to them. So being in that position, I will do things respectfully and gracefully but yes at their speed.”

Actress Chahatt Khanna said that it is “not respectable” for Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal to be fighting in public.

The couple’s relationship and claim to fame:

In 2008, Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal met on the sets of her film Hastey Hastey, where he was working as a stylist. The duo hit it off instantly. They got married in November 2012 in a grand ceremony. They also participated in Nach Baliye 5 together. Karan and Nisha welcomed their first baby Kavish Mehra in 2017. Nisha is popularly known for playing the role of Soumya Diwan in TV serial Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki. While Karan became a household name after playing the main lead Naitik Singhania in the soap opera Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. He was also a contestant on Bigg Boss 10.

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