Here's how Sushant Singh Rajput aced the dacoit look for Son Chiriya

Sushant Singh Rajput stunned us all with his rustic and machi avatar as a dacoit in the first look for his next, titled Son Chiriya which is being helmed by Abhishek Chaubey. He is currently shooting for the movie in Chambal.

The actor is known for getting under the crux of his characters and for Son Chiriya, it is no different. Sushant has been following a morning ritual since the start of 2018.

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This includes making his bed immediately after waking up, followed by 15 minutes of callisthenics consisting of a variety of gross motor movements and body weight exercises that include running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. often performed rhythmically.

He then goes for a cold shower and follows it up with a few minutes of meditation to binaural beats and reading a few pages of stoicism. The actor also begins his day with a cup of what he refers to as a ‘Superman tea’ which is black tea and green tea infused with turmeric and ginger shavings that keeps him revved up for the rest of the day.

Now, that is some dedication to your work, indeed!

Meanwhile, Son Chiriya also stars Bhumi Pednekar and Manoj Bajpayee in pivotal roles. To get her character pitch perfect, Bhumi has been learning the local dialect for about two months now.

A source close to the project said, “Bhumi is a committed actor who wants to get every nuance of her character right. She has been learning Bundelkhandi and has perfected it. She has been working with a diction teacher as well as local actors to get the language spot on.”