Net worth, remuneration and assets of Priyanka Chopra

Birthday girl Priyanka Chopra is on an all time high – High-flying Hollywood career, A-lister Bollywood career (she continues to be one of the highest paid Bollywood actors in the industry) and a big fat wedding with pop sensation Nick Jonas, the 36-year-old couldn’t have asked for more. Or could she?

Few Indian’s have attained international success like Priyanka Chopra and she seems to be outdoing herself with every new venture she undertakes. It’s no wonder then that she has once again been named ‘Maxim’s hottest woman on the planet’ for 2018.

In an interview Priyanka had once stated that she believes she is like an ant when it comes to her own money management—she puts away money not only for rainy days, but also for days when she wants to splurge. Though her investment portfolio leans heavily on real estate, she now also owns a production house. The actress admits that her mother Madhu Chopra, is the real brain behind the Chopra investments and her net worth.

Given how Priyanka is scaling new heights by virtue of her good looks, talent, and intelligence, here’s a look at the former Miss World’s net worth, remuneration and assets.

Note: The figures mention here are an approximation. There may be a few discrepancies due to current valuation and exponential growth of the actress’ career.

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