Here's What Went Down During Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma's First Meeting

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are not just popular in their respective fields, they are also two of the most photographed and followed celebrities in India. On social media, they have a huge fan following with people keeping tabs on even the small things they do.

On January 11, the couple welcomed a baby girl. At present, they are spending time at home with their little bundle of joy. Post his daughter’s birth, Virat even changed his Twitter bio to: “A proud husband and father”.

Though the couple is yet to reveal the name of their daughter, we have come across a throwback interview of Virat talking about the first time he met Anushka.

So, how did Virat meet Anushka? The cricketer revealed that he met Anushka for the first time in 2013 while shooting a commercial for a hair shampoo brand.

When Virat's manager told him that the shoot was with Anushka, Virat recalls telling him that he must be joking, because he wasn’t sure how he’d be in the same frame with a professional actor.

During the shoot, when he met her for the first time, Virat he cracked a joke. He also recalled that he was very nervous and jittery, and didn’t know what else to do.

The joke was about his height. Apparently, Anushka was told that Virat wasn’t that tall and that she shouldn’t wear very high heels. But when Anushka walked in with tiny heels, she still looked taller than him. So, in jest, he asked her if she didn’t get a higher pair of heels than what she was wearing. Baffled, she asked him “excuse me?”.

Looking back, he then felt that while she was so confident, as the acting was her job he wasn’t sure how he’d go through the process. During the course of the shoot, which went on for three days, they both realised that they had a lot in common.

During the course of the interview, the cricketer even said that no one asked anyone out. They just became friends and then things just got stronger, before they realised that they wanted to be with each other.

On Republic Day, the couple shared messages with their fans through stories on Instagram. While Virat wrote, “The future depends on what we do today. Let’s be the strength of our nation and help it reach greater heights. Wishing everyone Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind.”, Anushka shared an Insta story that had an animation of the tricolour.