Here's why a facial massage is an important skincare ritual

Meera Venugopal
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13 Apr 2021: Here's why a facial massage is an important skincare ritual

While exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing are all essential for maintaining healthy skin, a good facial massage is a crucial ritual that's often ignored.

A facial massage stimulates various pressure points and leaves the skin rejuvenated, along with a natural glow.

You can either do the massage all by yourself or get it done by a professional at your home or at the salon.

Importance: Facial muscles need to be exercised for their smooth functioning

Besides feeling pampered and instantly fresh, a good massage helps with the blood circulation on the face, which in turn improves the appearance of the skin.

Just like every other muscle in the body, facial muscles need to be exercised as well to ensure their smooth functioning.

And a facial massage does just that.

Techniques: Types: Lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, remedial and acupressure

Facial massages can be done for rejuvenating the skin or to address specific concerns.

While the one at home can be done using hands or a roller, a professional is the right choice for a detailed massage.

Lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, remedial and acupressure are few of the many types of facial massages.

The commonly used techniques include cupping, folding, tapping, Jacquet pinching, etc.

Benefits: Benefits: Alleviate sinus pressure, remove acne marks, anti-aging treatment

This type of a massage is also known to alleviate sinus pressure and discomfort.

Use one or two of your fingers and massage the area above your eyebrows, and work your way toward the temples.

Facial massages also come handy in removing scars and acne marks.

Not just that, since a massage improves blood circulation, it is a highly effective anti-aging treatment.

DIY: Here's how you can do a facial massage at home

Before beginning the massage at home, clean your hands and rinse your face thoroughly.

Apply a serum or oil on the face for smooth movement of your fingers.

Use your fingertips and palm to gently massage each and every part of the face in circular motions.

Make sure to apply uniform pressure throughout. Do not apply too much force or/and irritate the skin.