Here's why Vivek Oberoi had refused to debut with Abbas-Mustan

Shreya Mukherjee
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19 Apr 2021: Here's why Vivek Oberoi had refused to debut with Abbas-Mustan

Vivek Oberoi had proved he was here for the long haul when he gave a smashing performance in Company.

However, do you know he was supposed to debut with a completely different project?

Oberoi said his father had arranged for him to start with a Abbas-Mustan directorial, but he didn't do it because of one reason: Nepotism.

"Had this crisis of conscience," he shared.

Details: Oberoi's actor father had arranged for his debut film

Detailing in an interview with TOI recently, the Rakhta Charitra actor said the word nepotism was not that big during those days and it was "normal" for "every film guy of the second or third generation to be launched by his dad."

Oberoi also had a similar path in front of him as talks had begun with the director duo Abbas and Mustan Burmawalla.

Zeal: He wanted to pave his way on his own

But a "crisis of conscience" during the development made Oberoi rethink the choice.

"My dad is my idol and he came in and made it purely on merit, no last name, nobody writing any kind of letters for him," recalled the Vivegam actor.

He added, "[My father] just auditioned and made it. And I said, I want to do it the same way (sic)."

Timeline: 'I can't do the film, I'll struggle like you'

Oberoi recalled having "sleepless nights" thinking that if the movie tanked, his father's life savings would be in jeopardy.

"I went to my dad and said, 'I can't do the film, I'll struggle like you,' and he said, 'but I built a platform, so you don't have to struggle!'"

But Oberoi remained adamant. He visited Abbas-Mustan later to apologize for not doing the film.

Backstory: Finally, he earned his first role in RGV's 'Company'

After this, it had taken Oberoi a-year-and-a-half of auditioning and hiding his surname to finally land a role on his own accord.

Lo and behold, it was RGV's gangster drama that brought him immense popularity.

Hence, Oberoi never had to regret his decision of not taking his father's help.

He went on to act in films like Saathiya, Yuva, Omkara, Kurbaan, and Krrish 3.