High time we normalize all body types, says Sayantani Ghosh

Shreya Mukherjee
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High time we normalize all body types, says Sayantani Ghosh
High time we normalize all body types, says Sayantani Ghosh

08 Apr 2021: High time we normalize all body types, says Sayantani Ghosh

Popular TV actress Sayantani Ghosh broached an important topic on social media recently, that of body positivity and shaming.

Urging people to drop the "size" mentality, Ghosh started the dialogue on this ever-relevant issue after a troll asked her about her bra cup size.

Though Ghosh effectively shut them up, she penned a thread yesterday, nonetheless, on the occasion of World Health Day.

Post: Any form of BODY SHAMING is BAD, thunders the 'Naagin'

Highlighting how "any form of body shaming [is] bad," Ghosh wondered what actually led to society's maniac fixation over female breasts.

Her caption read, "A thread to end the "size" mentality! I found out today is #WorldHealthDay but you know "Mental Health" has now become the most important aspect of Health!"

She called on for support from her followers to "normalize all body types."

Body positivity: It's just another body part, Ghosh says, referring to breasts

Ghosh wrote that the netizen's unwarranted query about her bra cup size made her realize that she must talk about it.

"I know it has meaning when it comes to a nursing mother or certain purposes of passion, but in the end it's just another body part (sic)," wrote the Mahabharat star.

She mentioned how such a hype around breasts meddled with women's "headspace."

Fact: Does size really matter, Ghosh asks

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Societal construct: Why men feel 'entitled' to comment on female-body, wonders Ghosh

Further, the Naagin actress pointed out what enabled men to think they "are entitled to look a woman this way?"

"Maybe it's us..yes girls it's us for tolerating this shit and not speaking up!"

Ghosh shared her personal experience when she had also tolerated body shaming, silently.

"I too have kept quiet...feeling uncomfortable when I saw a man staring at my breasts."

Message: 'The phenomenon was created by you to mask your insecurities'

Subverting the objectification, Ghosh wondered if men would like women asking about the "size of your penis."

"After all the size phenomenon was created by you to mask your insecurities, wasn't it?," she posed a question.

She wrote if size mattered at all, it was whether "one had a large heart which is full of love, self-love, self-respect and respect for one another."

Fact: 'Honestly, I like a large cup,' Ghosh tactfully concluded

In her conclusion, the noted actress said the next time someone asks her about her cup size, she will say about her coffee cup! "Honestly, I like a large cup- well obviously being a coffee lover I'd like a large cup of coffee (sic)."