Highs and Lows of Life: Roshni Bhatia


Born to a single mother in a middle class family, the sensation of Instagram – Roshni Bhatia, was raised by her grandparents. Dealing with financial issues and burdens, she was married off at a young age of 21, in order to secure her future. But the destiny had planned differently for her. Roshni’s husband turned out to be a male chauvinist, who would mistreat her every day and demand herself to change according to his needs. His ill behaviour grew with time to an extent that she could not take it anymore and this is when she got to know that she was pregnant. 

Wondering how her child will grow up in this cruel father’s teachings, Roshni left her husband and went back to her mother. Since then, she started struggling for her new born, from one job to another, and the efforts were worth the time. Few years later, she met a guy named Piyush, who felt compatible enough for her and the love grew with time. They were a couple for 7 years, and now married for last 2 years happily. He assisted Roshni in pursuing her fashion and beauty career as a blogger.

Since then, she focussed all her interest and efforts in blogging and the following of over 192K on Instagram is the testimony of her success. As a mother and blogger, Roshni has created benchmarks for working women that they can excel both the lives, whether professional or personal, by giving 100% at each of it. She has become one of the most trending bloggers from India on Instagram.

Coming from a middle class family, where her husband would pester her to look and be like the women he knew, today she is above than what many would not even imagine. Roshni has been recently featured in India’s leading fashion magazine Vogue. She is a part of the cover story, “Trendsetters of the Digital World” and has been appreciated for her sense of fashion. Roshni is an inspiration for all, with her dedication to achieve and win everything she desires. 


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