Himansh Kohli: 'From Exchanging Doodh-Shakkar To Being There For Each Other, My Friendly Neighbours In Mumbai Make Me Feel At Home'- EXCLUSIVE

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The pandemic has not only devastated our lives but also taught us a few things like compassion, self love, taking care of our families, health and staying near to our loved ones. Another thing is that it has made many of us social, that begins with knowing our neighbours. Agreeing, Himansh Kohli says he is familiar and friendly with his neighbours in Delhi and Mumbai.

Talking about his neighbours in Mumbai, he adds, “There are two of them, one is an aged couple and another is a family of four. We do get along and catch up, and just like any other neighbour we do exchange doodh-shakkar from time to time and that makes you feel very homely. We also greet each other whenever we meet, and pay them a visit during the festivals or in time of need.” ALSO READ: Himansh Kohli: ‘I Have A Clear Direction And Knowledge Of What I Want To Do Now Than What I Had A Few Years Ago’-EXCLUSIVE

A good neighbour is a blessing in disguise and in times like these, if we are away from home, we need such people around us. ALSO READ: Himansh Kohli And Sneha Namanandi Interview: Duo On Things They Can Never 'Forget', How They Tackle Controversies And Success Of Main Jiss Din Bhula Du- EXCLUSIVE

“Everybody loves good company and like-minded people. Lockdown was the time when I got to know them the most because I was home all the time without any work commitments and although I didn’t go out to meet them. I had enough time to know people around me unlike what it was earlier. So I used to spot them in their balconies, we got familiarised and now we have developed a beautiful bond,” he concluded.

Image source: Instagram/kohlihimansh

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