Himansh Verma, an entrepreneur takes the onus of turning cement manufacturing to green process


Navrattan Green Cement Industries Private Limited has taken on itself the onus of turning cement manufacturing to a green and clean way of doing it. The company is a venture of Navrattan Group of companies and with its untiring efforts of Chairman Himansh Verma is soon going to launch the green cement in the Indian Markets. This green product will bring the revolt in the cement Industry. As the cement industry itself has realised the need for green development for good business growth.

Himansh Verma said, “This is really a challenging part to bring the green change in this big industry and the entrepreneurs who will work for this green development have to tackle with so many challenges while setting up the manufacturing plants on Greenfield sites. This process requires depth research so as the product should be committed to reducing the emissions of Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) along with saving the fossil fuels and limestone reserves. He further added the utmost thing to be kept in mind while creating the product is that it should maintain the quality of the ambient air.

The company’s motto is “Building Greener, cleaner and Better Tomorrow”, and with this, the Group wants to take proactive steps to motivate others for opting the greener growth which will help save our environment and resources. As per the World Bank, the utilization of Green Cement will help in Elimination of Fly ash disposal on land along with reducing the water consumption by 50% in the manufacturing stage, 20% at usage level. This green product will no doubt be the future of Sustainable Construction. There is a dire need of awaking the populace for use of green cement for construction purposes. Furthermore, Cement properties incorporate protection from sulphate attack, high early quality, versatility, strength, break the opposition, and low chloride porousness. Its corrosion resistance is three to four times that of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

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