Hina-Shaheer's 'Baarish Ban Jaana' review: Mushy video, '90s style music

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03 Jun 2021: Hina-Shaheer's 'Baarish Ban Jaana' review: Mushy video, '90s style music

The music video of Baarish Ban Jaana, starring Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh, is out now on YouTube. The song, composed by Payal Dev, is also voiced by her along with Stebin Ben. It got released under the VYRL Originals channel. The music is dull, video is mushy and cliche, with no element of freshness in any way, shape or form. We review.

Plot: Hina and Shaheer play two actors going through a break-up

The plot is very simple: Hina and Shaheer play two actors going through a very public break-up. But the catch is they are still shooting together for a project, and have to reluctantly face each other every day. The premise is interesting, but the execution lets it down. The video within a video trope could have been utilized in a much better way.

Music: Music is very '90s, but not in a good way

The music sounds extremely stale, reeking of a truckload of "inspiration" taken from the '90s. At some points it sounds completely off-key, and at others, you can swear you have heard that tune before. It is enough to put one to sleep. The lyrics are also very done and dusted, and look like they have been snipped off various songs and put together.

Video: The lead pair lacks chemistry; The actors look awkward together

The lead pair, who has supposedly broken up, realizes that they still have feelings for each other and want to make it work. But Hina-Shaheer's chemistry do not fit that brief. They seem to have no spark and look pretty awkward together. The locations used are picturesque, but seem wasted, as the only time they look convincing is when they are hating each other.

Verdict: Video might click with fans, not with others; gets 1/5

The video has garnered over 17L views within hours of its release, with many fans giving their approval stamp. It is clear that the makers were targeting the set followers of these two actors, and probably have managed to impress them. But as an objective listener, this song offers nothing new, and is somewhat of a snooze fest. Can skip this one. Verdict: 1/5.

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