Hindustani Bhau DENIES Deleting His TikTok Account For Carryminati; Adds, 'It's Just Another Virus From China'- EXCLUSIVE

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Hindustani Bhau, who is also a famous YouTuber, has deleted his TikTok account amidst the heated TikTok vs YouTube controversy. Taking to Instagram, Hindustani Bhau shared a series of videos, criticising TikTok and also went on to publicly deleting it. He wrote, "Bata Do Fir Isko Iski Aukaat. Tension Nahi Lena Dekh Lenge Koi Bhi Aane Do.. Jai Hind" 

And now, we have spoken to him exclusively about his action and here is what he has to say on the matter:

What made you delete your TikTok account?

I deleted my account two days back as TikTok is a disease. China has sent two forms of viruses- one is Coronavirus and other is TikTok and I want to get relieved from both. So, I killed the virus. 

When asked if he deleted his account in support of CarryMinati?

No. I have deleted it for a cause. TikTok is no more a platform for entertainment, it is being used to spread wrong messages in the society. Hence, I decided I will not only leave it but will put in all efforts to shut it down.

You think it will be that easy as millions of people have their accounts on it? 

It will! I made one video and see the impact- from 4.5 it has come to a rating of 1.6. Another video, and this app will disappear from the platform. 

But your own industry friends are active on TikTok. Will you be requesting them to delete their accounts as well? 

Mujhe kisi ke support ki zaroorat nahi! Main akela kaafi hoon. Still if anyone wants to come ahead and support me in this cause, they are most welcome and those who don't want to, then that's their life. 

Image Source: instagram/hindustanibhau

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