Hindustani Bhau Slaps Ekta Kapoor With Legal Notice For XXX Uncensored: 'Apologise To The Army-Pay 100 Crore To GOI'-EXCLUSIVE

A few days back we exclusively reported about Bigg Boss 13 contestant and YouTuber Hindustani Bhau filing a police complaint against TV czarina Ekta Kapoor and mother Shobha Kapoor and ALTBalaji for insulting Indian Army and it's uniform in one of the web series' episode. The web series in question is the controversial show XXX: Uncensored 2. Nearly two weeks back a complaint was filed in Hyderabad too against the show and the production house but it was dismissed by the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police as they did not find any merit to the complaint. 

Coming back to Hindustani Bhau, SpotboyE has exclusive information that now after a police complaint, a legal notice on behalf of Vikas Fhatak popularly known as Hindustani Bhau has been sent by his lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan to Ekta Kapoor. Sharing details of it Ali says, "We have sent a legal notice to Ekta Kapoor. In the notice, we have mentioned that she tenders an apology to the Indian Army, pay damages of  Rs. 100 crore to the Indian government, remove the illicit episode and refrain from doing any such acts further again. And we have also kept the condition to be followed within 14 days else we will be going ahead strictly along with the police complaint as well as a petition in high court to ban ALT Balaji".

SpotboyE is also in possession of the above mentioned legal notice sent to Ekta Kapoor and ALTBalaji. Talking about the episode which has created the whole controversy from XXX: Uncensored 2 is where actress Aaditi Kohli who plays Pam and Ribbu Mehra were shown in an intimate manner when Aaditi's husband, military personnel, goes out on duty and she calls Ribu home and makes him wear his uniform. Hindustani Bhau has raised an objection against this particular same scene. 


Though Ekta Kapoor has not yet given any official comment on this controversy, we only guess with the growing voices against the scene, it might just compel the producer to talk.

Image Source: freepressjournal/pinterest

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