Hip Hop Artist Insyde Is Taking A Stand Against Teen Suicides


Music has been historically one of the world’s most powerful influence, and the musicians who make the music hold a great deal of power to do good. Many musicians are bad influences to young teens, encouraging unhealthy practices and romanticizing things like drugs and murder. 

Teen singer Insyde has been working nonstop for 2 years to help prevent many suicides through his music. Insyde has pledged part of his earnings to go to suicide help centers, and continues to actively help prevent young people from taking their lives.

“Musicians and influential people should take into account the level of influence they have on teens, especially ones going through tough times. They need to be promoting and modeling healthy behavior.” Insyde told us. “I value human life and want to help as many people as I can.”

The young musician has always been heartbroken hearing about teens taking their own lives for seemingly small things. “I know music is really influential to the kind of teens that are suicide-prone” he told us. 

Insyde’s music is unique and filled with meaning, while also retaining elements of modern day R&B and hip-hop. His music encourages struggling teens to “move on” and “don’t take it too hard” from breakups, and that hard times are just “a part of life”, all in sad-tinged vibes that are popular among teens going through struggles. The singer told us “I always get satisfaction when people message me and tell me that my music has made a difference in their lives.”  

The “Something Real” singer has been through hard times himself; he was in foster care as a child, and was diagnosed with autism at the young age of 6. Despite those hindrances in his life, Insyde has always been positive and takes the time to listen to everyone. He is a natural magnet for his peers and younger teens, and he always has a smile and a good word for everyone, even strangers. As a young boy, instead of engaging in the typical 8-10 year old activities such as video gaming, Insyde was frequently found at the library reading about computer programming and photography. At the age of 10 he was designing and creating websites for friends and family. He started getting into audio production when he was 14, publishing a podcast for a number of months before moving on to music production. He published his first beat on SoundCloud in 2017 and he published several more before starting to gain traction. 

In January 2019 Insyde released his first single “Sometimes” which went viral on SoundCloud, hitting 1 million plays barely a month after release, and is currently sitting at 1.3 million plays on the platform. The song had mixed responses from critics, many had negative opinions about it. He signed a distribution deal with AWAL, the home of many large musicians such as Lauv, FINNEAS, Rex Orange County and more. His next single “Something Real” featuring fellow OKC musicians Hennest and Tot, was released in August 2019, and had a much more positive outlook from critics, and solidly established him as a successful musical artist. 

Insyde has shown that anyone can become successful if they just put time into it. His story is truly a banner of accomplishment and an encouragement to anyone who has been, or is going through rough times emotionally. 

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